All the pictures from the ALPA Auctioneer School Wagga

Upcoming auctioneers taught to sell at Wagga Wagga


19 agents took part in the ALPA Auctioneer School at Wagga Wagga


Nineteen upcoming auctioneers from across NSW have congregated at the annual ALPA Auctioneering School at Wagga Wagga.

Taught by both livestock agents and speech pathologists, the students were given individual feedback and advice on selling in sheep yards, the ring and cattle pens.

Liz Summerville from ALPA said the school instructed on agency practice, what to do from a licensing perspective, animal welfare and safety.

Speech pathologist, Eliza Galvin said they looked at breathing, posture, voice variance, projection and most importantly clarity.

"A lot of them have never thought about their voice before they come to one of these schools, even though their voice is the tool to the trade," Ms Galvin said.

"Just by learning how the voice is produced they can get the skills to then be able to make changes.

"There's a lot more to it than people initially anticipate."

ALPA also holds selection schools throughout the year, with the best auctioneers in the state given the opportunity to compete at the NSW Young Auctioneer Competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.


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