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Being a girl won't stop Courtney Hanns from becoming a livestock auctioneer

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Courtney Hanns, 19, is one of the growing number of women who are becoming livestock auctioneers.

Courtney Hanns, 19, is one of the growing number of women who are becoming livestock auctioneers.


Speech pathologist says female auctioneers face separate challenges.


YOU don't see many women selling in yards but Courtney Hanns, 19, is one of a growing number taking up the gavel.

Courtney grew up in the Blue Mountains and from a young age set her sights on becoming a livestock agent.

"...since I was little girl, my Pop had a farm, and I always just wanted to be an agent because I loved what they do," Courtney said.

However, first she had to convince some in the industry that she was up for the challenge.

"When I first started out it was a bit of a struggle, a lot of older people said you won't make it, females can't be agents, they can't do this, they can't do that," she said.

She said having the right people on her side has helped her get where she is today, a livestock agent for Ray White Emms Mooney based at Young.

Now Courtney is ready for her next challenge, auctioneering. She attended the ALPA Auctioneering School in Wagga Wagga this week.

Speech pathologist, Eliza Galvin, was one of the instructors at the ALPA school. She said she's seen more and more women at both livestock and property auctioneering courses.

"There's usually one per course now where in the past there wouldn't be any," Ms Galvin said.

She said female auctioneers do face unique challenges simply because of their anatomy.

"Their voice isn't usually as loud, strong and deep so being able to project their voice has its own challenges," Ms Galvin said.

"But as far as the posture, the breathing and the clarity they're all the same."

Courtney agreed that projection was a challenge but her childhood has given her one advantage.

"I'm lucky I have a loud voice, I grew up with an older brother who was always getting up me so that helped," Courtney said.

Courtney is now aiming to get to the NSW Young Auctioneer Competition at Sydney Royal Show.

"I really want to compete at the Sydney, so this (ALPA School) is a step towards that," Courtney said.

"No one said it was easy and it's not but it's a dream I've got to be one of the best.

"It's always going to be tough no matter if you're a male or a female, but at the end of the day it's worth it."


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