Even the sheep were backing the NSW Blues

State of Origin: Sheep farmer's video goes viral

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WARNING: Queensland supporters may find the story disturbing.


While sheep have often been labelled as "dumb" or "stupid" Guyra farmer Benjamin Jackson has proved his flock to be a very astute bunch.

Jackson, who is also a music producer, posted a video of his sheep barracking for the mighty NSW Blues before Wednesday's decider on his Electric Postman Facebook page.

On his drought-stricken property before the match, Jackson distributed his flock's daily feed but made sure it was put down into a huge "GO BLUES" formation.

Drone footage captured the sheep scurrying to dig into their feed and the message on who they thought would win the decider was determined.

The Armidale Express emailed the link to Jackson's video to the NSW Rugby League media department who shared it to the Blues' Facebook page and Blues fans went nuts.

Within one hour more than 6,000 people had watched the video and that number continued to rise.

The Blues did go on to win the decider 26-20 and post-Origin, the number of views on the video spiked to more than 50,000.

Ben Jackson.

Ben Jackson.

The idea came about as a fun suggestion from two of Jackson's close friends.

"I have been feeding my sheep for what seems like forever, and just begun putting grain out in different patterns and names," he said. "A couple of mates actually suggested it too me the night before the game and I thought I would give it a crack."

Jackson was blown away by the response the video has had.

"I thought a few friends and family would have a good chuckle and a few Queensland friends would fire up but didn't expect the video to cruise around like it has," he said.

"I am absolutely gob smacked at how well it has been received. Getting shared by NSWRL and [Comedy site] Brown Cardigan was rather mind blowing."

The video depicts how tough a time farmers are having across the state with the country's worst drought in living memory.

Jackson's lighthearted take on feeding livestock in these conditions, which would otherwise leave him feeling blue, has put a smile on the face of farmers in similar situations.

"Many farmers are doing it extremely tough," Jackson said. "I am feeding animals every day as are many others just to keep their business afloat.

"By doing something like this it not only breaks up the monotony of the daily feed regime it has the potential too highlight how tough it really is to a broader community.

"State of Origin and in fact sport in general, is a fantastic circuit breaker for everyone. For 80 minutes you are not thinking about drought."

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