Just who are our young farmers?

Just who are our young farmers?


Rachel Nicoll faces the challenge of 'putting a face' to the NSW Young Farmers name.


Last weekend I challenged one of my best friends and a self-classified "Young Townie" on why she hadn't joined NSW Young Farmers.

Born in rural NSW and an active participant in the Agricultural Show movement, my friend is working full-time and living in a regional town that offered her an opportunity upon graduation.

So I was confounded by her honesty (and appreciative of the learning opportunity) when my friend said she simply couldn't identify with the name. I then had the challenge of 'putting a face' to the NSW Young Farmers name.

NSW Young Farmers has five dedicated branches and a growing pipeline of rural young leaders and committee representatives throughout the association.

In co-operation with the Department of Primary Industries, NSW Young Farmers delivered 16 Young Farmer Business Program workshops in 2018, with at least 12 workshops planned in 2019 and early 2020.

Led by chair Tim Carroll, the former Young Farmers council inspired this program, which has resulted in increased skills, confidence and connections.

You can't plan with certainty when your environment is uncertain, and that's OK.

It's also why Young Farmers has created four key pillars that we're focused on achieving: Learn - delivering learning, support and training opportunities; Lead - developing leaders and connecting them with opportunities; Advocate - improving advocacy skills through the Association and its mentors; and Network - delivering major networking/social events and partnering with other key organisations.

Regardless of name, I have come to understand and appreciate the value of NSW Farmers and to become part of a community and network.

My friend can now 'put a face' to the NSW Young Farmers name and is interested in joining as an associate member.

  • Rachel Nicoll, NSW Young Farmers chair

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