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Key to craft beer success is focusing on region

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Brothers Campbell and Greg Hedley from Two Heads Brewing.

Brothers Campbell and Greg Hedley from Two Heads Brewing.


To stay competitive the Hedley brothers from Two Head Brewery focus on their region.


One is a lawyer and one is in construction but together the brother combination of Campbell and Greg Hedley are Two Heads Brewing.

Two Heads started out as a "half-baked idea" being tossed around over a couple of cold ones between the beer loving brothers.

But the brothers said talk was cheap and they decided they wanted to so something about it. After learning the craft of brewing, they opened the doors on April 30, 2016 at Bathurst with a brewery bar and restaurant.

"It was good having the bar because we were interacting with our customers who would give us direct feedback about what they were looking for," he said.

Their lease finished in Bathurst at the end of 2018 and they made the move to Lucknow to be closer to family. They have plans to open a tasting room later this year.

"What's with the monkey and the walrus heads we hear you ask? Good question - we've drawn inspiration from our childhood nicknames and made 'em cool. Greg is the monkey and I'm the walrus," Campbell said.

To stay competitive they focus on their region.

"It's tough competing with all the beers out there, but we attribute our success to supporting local and we do every local event including farmer's markets to build our reputation regionally," he said.

"We want people to be passionate about what's in their backyard."


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