Teys boosts feedback in 2020 NSW Beef Spectacular trial

Teys Australia boosts feedback in NSW Beef Spectacular trial


Teys Australia offers added feedback analysis to NSW Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial in 2020.


TEYS Australia feeder cattle suppliers can now be provided with feedback on their cattle performance from all the company's feedlots including Jindalee, Charlton, Vic and Condamine, Qld.

The feedback system provides information on cattle from induction to processing including; average daily gain, lean meat yield, carcase weight, Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Index, ossification and marbling.

Feedback can be provided on both individual animal performance as well as the entire consignment, with results benchmarked against performance of similar categories in the feedlot during the same time period, to provide producer's with a better understanding of how their cattle performed.

Teys Australia's livestock stragetic operations Jasmine Green said entrants in the 2020 NSW Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial will be provided with a full analysis of their cattle from induction specifications, to feedlot and carcase performance, which will also include Teys feeder feedback data analysis.

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"This will provide a comparison on not just the trial cattle, but all other cattle inducted into the feedlot in that same month," she said.

The 435 head of cattle entered in the 2020 trial averaged 399 kilograms on induction. They ranged in weight from 258kg to 526kg, and came from 46 vendors that entered 87 teams.

Ms Green said Teys Australia is currently trialling the use of objective carcase measurement technology at the Teys Wagga Wagga plant, and this technology will be used to capture images of the rib-eye of each carcase.

"The VGB2000 camera technology (previewed in the 2019 trial) does the objective carcase measurements for eating quality," she said.

"The technology is still in trial phase at this point, but we are able to use the images captured as part of the feedback for the Beef Spec trial (similar to the 2019 trial)."

The trial's mid-term field day, where entrants will be able to view their teams, will be held in October. It will combine with Jindalee's producer day for Teys suppliers.

At the awards presentation Sam Bourke (MLA chef team) will showcase the Riverina Premium beef brand that the cattle in the trial are targetting.


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