Noonee Angus to $8000, average $4770

Noonee Angus sells 26 of 40


Repeat buyers sought proven genetics at Wednesday's Noonee Angus sale.


CONSISTENT, selected for their quiet temperaments and from proven cows, Noonee Angus cleared 25 bulls under the hammer from an offering of 40 on Wednesday afternoon.

They averaged $4740.

Noonee P8034 topped the sale, snapped up by KG Green and Co for $8000, who also bought second-top-priced bull Noonee Patriarch P18 for $6500, and Noonee P8118 for $5500.

Richard Green, Olieview, Coobang, north of Parkes, was looking for bulls for his current 200-cow herd and simply said he was hell bent on getting through these "very difficult times".

"Our breeding program must go on, empty cows are no good to you," he said.

"Bulls like these will be hard to get when it rains.".

Mr Green said he currently had his cows on hay and grain and was grazing off vetch and oaten cereal mix crops.

John and Heather O'Donnell, Merriwee, Condobolin, bought seven bulls, Noonee Principal P17 for $6000, Noonee P8009 for $5000, four others for $4000 and another for an undislosed price.

Mr O'Donnell said he had bought at Noonee for several years and was looking to service his 800-cow herd because he wanted to get his numbers back up.

Jamie and Nicole Husband, Nungarrin, Gulgong, bought four bulls at $4000 and were pleased, having bought a two-year-old Noonee bull in 2015 and kept every heifer he sired.

Mrs Husband said they loved the low birth weight of the Noonee calves and their "explosive growth"..

Noonee principal Netta Holmes Lee said he was thrilled with the support repeat buyers had shown.

She said the quality of the cows bearing the latest progeny were top notch and treated "pretty much like a commercial herd, there's no special treatment", which contributed to their progeny's strength.


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