Demondrille reaches $5250

Demondrille Merinos sell to $5250

Patrick Davis, junior, Andrew Davis, Jodie and Tim Barry with Patrick Davis and the top priced Demondrille Merino ram.

Patrick Davis, junior, Andrew Davis, Jodie and Tim Barry with Patrick Davis and the top priced Demondrille Merino ram.


Widespread interest in heavy cutting Merino rams at Demondrille, Harden


Widespread interest in heavy cutting and fine micron Merino rams saw an average price of $1983.49 paid for 106 rams on account Andrew and Patrick Davis, Demondrille Merinos, Harden.

For their 29th annual fine wool on-property sale, the brothers penned 120 rams which realised a top price of $5250 paid by Victorian woolgrowers Tim and Jodie Barry, Clunes.

They are longterm supporters of the Demondrille genetic direction and continue to look for the bright, soft and long stapled wool on the Davis brother's rams.

"Our focus is on wool production," Mr Barry said.

"We are in a high rainfall area, so we concentrate on the well nourished wool that will shed the rain."

Mr Barry said his ram is nicely balanced and will be used immediately in their elite flock to breed a few rams for their own use.

With fleece measurements of 17.8 micron, 3.1 standard deviation and 99.5 percent comfort factor, the autumn drop 92kg son of D160239 was scanned for eye muscle depth of 34.5 with fat measuring 4.0.

Speaking before the sale Patrick Davis said they have instituted the collection of more data such as EMD and FAT to enable clients to have a better understanding of the rams available for sale.

"We are really proud of this lineup and there has been a lot of comment they are the best rams we have presented," he said.

"Wool is still our focus, but wethers are an important income with some of our clients getting over $200 we think it important to start scanning for carcass traits.

"We wont compromise on wool cut or style, but we are getting a good combination of wool production with correct conformation, length and depth of body."

Volume buyers included Chris Patmore, Yass who put together a draft of five rams to average $1750 with a top of $2250.

Mr Patmore said his family have buying from Demondrille for the past 20 years and concentrating on the bulk and softness of the fleece but still wanting a well structured ram to carry that fleece on their country.

"They do well on our country, cutting a big fleece of 18 micron and we are pleased with the performance on our place," he said.

Another longterm supporter was Nigel Dawe, Young who has been buying rams at Demondrille for 32 years.

He added to his sire battery with a selection of 11 rams which averaged $1295 with a top of $2000.

"The quality of the wool on correct conformation is important for us," he said.

The sale was settled by Landmark, Boorowa with Rick Power taking the bids.


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