Supreme Simmental taken out by NSW stud

Ausbred Simmentals secures supreme Simmental win in Melbourne

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Kurmond stud Ausbred Simmentals was recognised for its 13-month-old heifer in today's Simmental competition.


Supreme exhibit: Ausbred Simmentals, Kurmond

Grand champion bull: Webb Black Simmentals, Glenburn, Victoria

Grand champion female: Ausbred Simmentals, Kurmond

AUSBRED Simmentals has taken out this year's supreme exhibit with a 13-month-old cow, recognised for her refined features and femininity.

Stud principal Shannon Lawlor, Kurmond, said the accolade was one of a handful the cow had won in recent months.

"I think her structure was outstanding, very feminine, good feet and legs and she has good eye appeal too," he said.

"She's 13 months in three weeks and we're going to flush her for embryos and put her embryos into our cows so we've got more calves like her as well.

"She was supreme exhibit at Hawkesbury at our local show and she came out of a class of 10 there and then she went onto beat the older cow and bull as the supreme exhibit so she's won everywhere she's been.

Simmental judge Nicole Nicholls, from the Northern Rivers region of NSW, said the cow "handled her feet and legs really well".

"She was a beautiful heifer and had everything I would be looking for to have in my herd," Mrs Nicholls said.

"Her overall correctness, she was refined, she had femininity through her front but still had capacity and I think she will grow in to be a beautiful matron."

Glenburn stud Webb Black Simmentals, Vic, was recognised with a sash for its bull, crowned grand champion.

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