Glanna rams sell to $3000 - ave $1515

Glanna rams sell to $3000 - ave $1515

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Brad Wilson holds the $3000 sale-topper with Ron Rayner and buyers Peter and Helen Lawson.

Brad Wilson holds the $3000 sale-topper with Ron Rayner and buyers Peter and Helen Lawson.


Victorian clients bought the bulk of rams from the Rayner family's Glanna Merino ram sale last Saturday.


VICTORIAN clients bought the bulk of rams at the Rayner family's annual Glanna Merino stud on-property sale, Gulgong, last Saturday.

Of the 66 head offering, 40 sold to a top of $3000 to average $1515 with 23 heading to Victoria and 17 to local clients.

Twenty-one poll rams average $1895 while 19 horned sold to $1800 and averaged $1095.

Stud principal, Ron Rayner said many clients had been hard-hit by the drought and had dropped breeding ewe numbers.

"Our long-term client, The Eley family, The Gums, Queensland, couldn't make the trip this year because of these crippling dry times," he said.

However, Peter and Helen Lawson, Waterside, Hargraves returned and purchased two poll rams sired by sons of Willandra Desmond including the sale-topper at $3000.

"This was a very good-wolled ram growing 19.1 micron with 100 per cent comfort factor," Mr Rayner said.

"The Lawsons are particularly poll breeding orientated and chose some really well wooled sheep that grow beautiful pearl-colours soft handling wool," Mr Rayner said.

The Lawson's other $1200 purchase was growing 14.9 micron wool with 99.94pc comfort factor.

Barry Herston, Lexton, Vic, purchased five of his selection paying an average of $1160 and to $1800 for a 17.7 micron growing 99.82pc comfort factor wool.

These were all sired by the 2013 Merryville Sydney Royal supreme champion and grand champion fine-medium ram.

Neil Hayward, Brewster, Vic, returned and secured eight poll rams for the family's woolgrowing flock while paying up to $2000 for a 17.5 micron son of a Glendonald sire.

Valued client, the Campbell family's Slapdash Creek Partnership, Gulgong, returned to secure eight poll and horned rams with top of their draft at $2800, a poll by the Glendonald sire growing 16.4 micron wool.

Landmark Mudgee conducted the sale with Brad Wilson, Dubbo, auctioneer.


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