Yahoo it's rain man - and he's the fire captain!

Farmer Rick sees his rain nudie run go viral round world


From Tottenham to Germany, Rick's rump goes viral

Tracy Bennett's video of her hubbie Rick celebrating top rain at their drought-hit farm at Tottenham.

Tracy Bennett's video of her hubbie Rick celebrating top rain at their drought-hit farm at Tottenham.

It might look like a big yahoo at work, but for farmer Rick Bennett those high leaps during his nudie run as 40mm of rain fell on his drought-hit farm were filled with real joy.

The video shot by his wife Tracy, who warned him before "keep your undies on no one want to see your arse", has gone viral from rural NSW to such far away places as England and Germany.

It was impromptu but the glee was real - his water on his farm Bimbil, 20km north of Tottenham, was about to run out in about four weeks.

And from a mental side of things the rain was a welcome relief from the drudgery of feeding and checking on stock in drained boggy dams.

To say it's been tough is to say the least, they haven't planted a crop at Bimbil since 2016 when 70 per cent of Bimbil's crops were under water ! They've had to destock big time, lost up to 50 older cattle to the drought and have scaled back from 250 head to 80 head.

Rick reckoned he had only four weeks before all their dam water ran out and could have been forced to sell all their stock.

"This was a huge mental break from the drought having this rain," he said.

"We were wondering if we would have to sell all our stock and let them all go, this has given us a bit of hope we can last on until the drought breaks."

The water already had been soaked up by the clay soil by the next day. "It's just been sucked right down into the clay," he said.

But the dams had filled up a bit for the stock.

Since last October they'd only had minute falls of between 2 to 3mm. One neighbour sowed oats dry and nothing came up three months ago.

"If it rained up north it didn't come far enough south, and if it rained south it didn't come up enough north. We were getting nothing in the guts of the state."

The video of the Bennetts' joy has gone "all over the place". "Someone rang me from Germany to see if they could use it," Rick said. "I wanted to take the jocks off, but Tracy wouldn't let me."

Footnote: Rick is also the Tottenham RFS Bushfire brigade captain and knows how to put out a fire.


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