Good spread of buyers bid on good quality Hamilton weaners

Good spread of buyers bid on good quality Hamilton weaners

Victorian Weaner Sales

A good spread of buyers combined with quality cattle and demand for EU stock was the foundation for a solid Hereford and Euro sale at Hamilton.


A quality penning of Hereford and Euro mixed-sex calves averaged a shade under 300 cents a kilogram at the weaner sale at Hamilton on Wednesday.

Hamilton independent agents yarded 2539 cattle with Herefords making up 1147 of the total.

Hereford steers weighing 250-350kg sold generally between 265-330c/kg to average 307c/kg or $945 a head, while steers above 350kg sold between 290-330c/kg to average 317c/kg or $1206.

The sale got off to a strong start with feature lines from perennial sale leaders Leon and Sally Wheeler.

They sold a line of 42 Hereford steers for 321c/kg or $1380-$1365 across two pens.

They followed up with a pen of 27, at 429kg, that sold for 318c/kg or $1320.

Further into the sale the Wheelers achieved a price of 330c/kg for 56 steers, 383-391kg or $1265-$1290.

LMB Livestock auctioneer Bernie Grant, Hamilton, said the yarding was a credit to the vendors.

He said the EU premium was present and most Herefords and Euros were 310-330c/kg.

Once off the EU cattle, prices came in around 280-310c/kg, "propped up by the boat" and repeat buyers.

Some vendors' prices were 15-20c/kg up on 2019, he said.

Of the Euro cattle, the steers sold between 285-320c/kg.

The Rowan Partnership, Nareen, was front and centre early with 50 Hereford steers, average weights between 325-332kg, selling to repeat buyer Paul Mason, Wellington, NSW, for 330c/kg or between $1073 and $1096.

Another pen of 360kg steers made 320c/kg or $1152.

Orana Partnership sold steers to 329c/kg, or $1184 for a pen of 19, 360kg.

A second line of 66, 325kg, sold for 321c/kg or $1045.

The Pepper Partnership sold Hereford steers with a top of 328c/kg for a draft of 52, 346kg, coming in at $1136.

A second line of 22, 389kg, sold for 325c/kg or $1264.

A feature of the sale was the annual draft of pure Limousin steers and heifers sold by the Neeson families under the Innisfail and Glenleam banners.

The steers sold to a top of 336c/kg and 337c/kg for the heifers.

The annual draft of Shorthorn-cross steers sold by Malcolm and Sherri Robertson, sold to a top of 323c/kg, or $1185.

The heaviest pen of these steers at 418kg sold at 322c/kg or $1348.

Cadell's consignment included a draft of Simmental-cross steers with the heaviest pen comprising 20 at 410kg making 322c/kg or $1320.

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