Merryville crowned at Canberra

Merinos show their excellence in Canberra

Merinos resting after the second day of show at 2020 Rabobank Great Southern Supreme Merinos in Canberra.

Merinos resting after the second day of show at 2020 Rabobank Great Southern Supreme Merinos in Canberra.


Merino breeders were complimented on the outstanding display of March-shorn sheep at Canberra


There was cheers all around for Wally and George Merriman, Merryville, Boorowa when their four-tooth March-shorn Merino ewe was judged supreme exhibit at the 2020 Rabobank Great Southern Supreme Merino Show in Canberra.

Their ewe had come through the finewool classes to be awarded the sash for champion finewool March-shorn ewe to be eventually judged champion March-shorn ewe.

For the supreme exhibit, the ewe was up against the sale ram from Paul Walton's Wurrook stud, Rokewood, Victoria which had not long been judged grand champion ram.


- John Holley, Yoorooga Merinos, Tenterfield (superfine)

- Alan McCormack, Walwa Merinos, Gurrundah via Goulburn (fine)

- Peter Rogers, Mt Yulong Poll Merinos, Telangatuk East, Victoria (fine/medium)

- Stuart McBurnie, Weealla and Raby studs, Balladoran (medium strong)

Summary results March-shorn.

Merino rams -

Champion superfine - Merryville, Reserve Wurrook

Champion fine - Greenland, Reserve Merryville

Champion fine/medium - Demondrille, Reserve Demondrille

Champion medium/strong - Hinesville, Reserve Tara Park

Champion March-shorn ram - Greenland, Reserve Demondrille

Merino ewes -

Champion superfine - Conrayn, Reserve Greenland

Champion fine - Merryville, Reserve Greenland

Champion fine/medium - Merryville, Reserve Koonwarra

Champion medium/strong - Tara Park, Reserve Hollow Mount

Champion March-shorn ewe - Merryville, Reserve Merryville

March-shorn Poll Merino rams-

Champion superfine - Wurrook, Reserve Laraben

Champion fine - Bocoble, Reserve Brundanella

Champion fine/medium - Merryville, Reserve Rogara

Champion medium/strong - Orrie Cowie, Reserve Brundanella

Champion March-shorn Poll - Wurrook, Reserve Bocoble

March-shorn Poll Merino ewes -

Champion superfine - Lynford, Reserve Laraben

Champion fine - Wurrook, Reserve Laraben

Champion fine/medium - Merryville, Reserve Karowara Plains

Champion medium/strong - Karowara Plains, Reserve Karowara Plains

Champion March-shorn Poll ewe - Wurrook, Reserve Laraben

Junior champions:

August-shorn Merino ram - Wurrook

August-shorn Merino ewe - Bocoble

August-shorn Poll ram - Laraben

August-shorn Poll ewe - Laraben

March-shorn Merino ram - Greenland

March-shorn Merino ewe - Greenland

March-shorn Poll ram - Merryville

March-shorn Poll ewe - Laraben


Roger Birtles March-shorn group of five - Merryville (1) Conrayn (2) Demondrille (3)

August-shorn group of five - Merryville (1) Lach River (2) Hollow Mount (3)

March-shorn pairs - Greenland (1) Merryville (2) Demondrille (3)

The RAS/ASC Merino Sheep Young Judges Competition - Patrick Davis jnr, Demondrille, Harden

The junior handler - Campbell Palmer, Wagga Wagga

Grand champion ram of show - Wurrook

Grand champion ewe of show - Merryville

Kevin Coves Memorial supreme exhibit - Merryville

Most successful exhibitor - Merryville

President GSSM George Merriman on great Merino show

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