Wellington wind farm meeting

Uulunga wind farm in spotlight


It is hoped a meeting in Wellington about Uulunga wind farm on Thursday night will answer some critical questions.


NSW Farmers Wellington calls meeting on Uulunga wind farm proposal

Finer details of logistics concerning the proposed Uulunga Wind Farm between Wellington and Mudgee will come under scrutiny at a public meeting called by the Wellington branch of NSW Farmers on Thursday night.

The proposed reconstruction of the Twelve Mile Road together with public access during that period and during the delivery of 100 metre-long trailers carrying loads in excess of 100 tonnes during the wind farm construction will be major items listed on the meeting's agenda.

NSW Farmers Wellington branch spokesman and Twelve Mile Road resident, Peter Carter, said there were critical answers needed to questions being asked by several of 250 residents of the road and the meeting had been called so developers and any other interested parties could answer those questions.

The meeting is at the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club, Arthur Street, starting at 7pm.


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