Free water testing still available

Water testing still available

Test farm dam water.

Test farm dam water.


Stock drinking water quality is fundamental to good animal health.


Free livestock water testing will be extended by the Central West Local Land Services (CWLLS) to March following the success of the initial round.

The region's agricultural services team leader Neroli Brennan said the initial round of testing found many water sources were of a poor quality.

Water troughs need to be regularly cleaned, but testing is still reccommended.

Water troughs need to be regularly cleaned, but testing is still reccommended.

"Generally across the 120 free tests carried out in December water quality was poor and this may be significantly impacting on animal health, reducing their intake and impacting animal condition," Ms Brennan said.

"Additionally, water quality has the potential to degrade water infrastructure including pipes, pumps and domestic hot water services."

The free livestock water sample testing aims to encourage landholders to consider their water quality and quantity.

Tests were limited to two per property identification code (PIC).

"To be eligible producers need to have a property within Central West NSW and the sample must come from this region," Ms Brennan said.

"We are focussing on stock water quality which also covers some domestic uses such as how the water might mix with chemicals for spray application or potentially rust or corrode pipes and pumps.

"The water testing service does not provide drinking water results and will be available until the end of March from the Central West Local Land Services offices.

"Landholders are welcome to contact me to discuss the results of their water testing as a copy of the water testing results are provided to me."

To find out more about the free water testing phone Central West Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.


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