Yass weaner steers to $1460

Yass lighter steers make more than 570c/kg


A restricted crowd didn't dampen prices.


A yarding of 2501 weaner cattle made up to 589 cents per kilogram at the SELX Yass saleyards on Tuesday.

The general public was restricted from attending the sale due to Coronavirus, but Elders' Steve Ridley said the smaller crowd did not dampen prices.

"I think it's been pretty firm on our last sale here and very firm on recent sales with most of your good black steers making 500c/kg or in excess of 500c/kg," Mr Ridley said.

"The only difference today was we had quite a lot of vendor bred cattle, we also had some cattle that have been purchased as younger calves, put on feed and brought back in.

"On a per kilo basis those cattle didn't make as much as what the vendor cattle did."

Elders' Steve Ridley on the Yass Weaner Sale

The highest price of $1460 per head was paid for a pen of nine, 10-month-old Angus steers, weighing an average of 343kg, offered by J and P Stevenson.

A pen from the Stolworthy family, account of A and J Pastoral, Tumut were awarded the Best Presented Steers of the sale, their 26 Angus steers, weighing 303kg selling for $1430/hd.

Wally Perenc on account of WSL Investments, Yass was the volume vendor of the day with 400 cattle in the draft.

His pen of seven Murray Grey cross Charolais steers weighed 267kg and made $1245/hd.

Lighter steers, weighing less than 200kg, made up to 560-580c/kg.

Neil and James Baldwin, Sandran, Glenquarry offered 16 Angus steers weighing around 200kg, making $1125/hd.

Mylora Pastoral Company, Binalong sold 24, 7-8-month-old Angus steers, weighing 174kg for $1000/head, 575c/kg.

Mr Ridley said there was great demand for the top-end of the heifers, the best offered making from 420-460c/kg.

"Once you got off those, the price came off a bit but it was still a very satisfactory sale," Mr Ridley said.

The Stolworthy heifers were in demand, account A and J Pastoral, Tumut selling 19 Angus heifers, weighing 273kg for $1290/hd.

Account of Burn and Daniel sold 24 Angus heifers, weighing 271kg for $1170/hd.

The Best Pen of Heifers was presented to Tolldale Gunning for their 20 Angus heifers, weighing 255kg, which made $1070/hd.

Locals competed with commission buyers from the north, large orders of cattle heading to the Coonamble district and Southern Queensland.

The sale was conducted by the SELX Associated Agents.


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