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Western Australia bred heifer to be donated to Murray Grey Youth

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Benview Bella Q4 placed third in the Bos Taurus female under 12 months class.

Benview Bella Q4 placed third in the Bos Taurus female under 12 months class.


After five days of travelling the plans for this heifer all changed.


Murray Grey heifer Benview Bella Q4 had a busy year ahead of her before COVID-19 cancelled youth and royal shows across the country.

The young female was bred by Western Australia's Aimee Bendotti and her seven-year-old son, Jensen Harris, but had been donated to the Murray Grey Youth Committee to auction at their annual show.

She had finished the five day journey to Victoria and was staying with Crystal Bell, Praire Falls Murray Greys, Breakaway Creek, before the event was cancelled, along with any other potential royal appearances.

"Our plan was then to put her into Melbourne and now that's cancelled too and with quarantine you can't get her back so she has to stay over in Victoria (or the east)," Ms Bendotti said.

Instead Bella, who is by Nangara Luigi L44 and out of Nagara Bella M37 who both trace back to Monterey and Bundaleer bloodlines, will be offered at the Top of the Range sale in July with all proceeds going to the Murray Grey Youth Committee.

"I've only just started my Murray Grey stud and I've got a seven-year-old and when Cyrstal asked me to help out I thought, my son is eventually going to be involved in the youth," she said.

"I had this one heifer and because you are only small you can't keep them all and I really wanted her to go to a good home."

Ms Bendotti established her own Murray Grey stud in 2016 and currently runs about 20 breeders with her first bulls to be offered this year.

The female will sell halter broken and placed third in The Land's 2020 Beef Battle Bos Taurus female under 12 months class.

Ms Bendotti's son had a fond spot for Bella and the pair watched the live judging with an extravagant cheese platter.

"She had come up not too bad considering she has been weaned, travelled, and hasn't been fed as much of some of the others so I was very happy with her coming third," she said.

"It was really good to listen to the comments. Nowadays with the restrictions and what not I think it (an online show) is a good idea because the eastern state shows and national sales, it's a bit hard for WA people to participate in it."

Judge Erica Halliday of Ben Nevis Angus at Walcha admired the young female for her deep body and appreciated her softness.

"(I appreciate) the depth and broodiness and the capacity she exhibits by having that great depth of rib that she carries through to her flank," she said.


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