Beef Battle attracts worldwide attention

The Land's 2020 Beef Battle website livestream attracts global audience

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Did you watch The Land's 2020 Beef Battle?

Did you watch The Land's 2020 Beef Battle?


The website broadcast attracted viewers from 38 different countries.


Entrants in The Land's 2020 Beef Battle were beamed to a global audience with more than 11,000 views on the website live stream alone.

The live judging on from Monday to Thursday of the Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus entries which culminated in an interbreed event has already attracted 11,772 views from 38 different countries.

This was combined with similarly high numbers on the Facebook livestream.

The biggest interest in the website naturally came from Australia (11,341 views) followed by New Zealand (91), Norway (72), United States (58), Argentina (54), United Kingdom (48), Singapore (17) and the Netherlands (13).

Voting for the viewer's choice competition was just as popular overseas.

Support came from 12 different countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, US, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Uruguay, Switzerland, Germany and Egypt.

Australian Community Media national livestock advertising manager Brett Tindal said the Beef Battle was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the platforms the company could offer.

People from around the country and across the globe tuned in to watch The Land's 2020 Beef Battle. Photo: Benview Murray Greys

People from around the country and across the globe tuned in to watch The Land's 2020 Beef Battle. Photo: Benview Murray Greys

"There is a real interest there for people to still attend, watch and be a part of the show community and it's really great that The Land has been able to offer that experience to them and showcase that we have the ability, the platform, the skills and the contacts to deliver these online shows," he said.

"We have seen a lot of people log on and watch this event beyond the state that The Land services. This went far beyond the NSW border, it went across the country and around the world.

"We are delivering a high quality experience for our audience and it was something that's above and beyond what we have seen so far in the way of quality. It was a high quality and high end production which gave a professional experience to the end user."

He added that it was a valuable marketing opportunity for all entrants, especially the overall winners.

"The overall winners of this competition just walked away with $3500 in cash, an advertising credit of $1250, a voucher to The Cattle Shop," he said.

"Money can't buy that sort of exposure.

"The success of this event gives us scope to open this up to other competitions and breeds."

All of the three judges involved in the Beef Battle agreed the event had potential to grow and become a regular exhibition.

Despite not having the animal in front of them or weights and scan data available, it played little impact on their judging capabilities.

Speaking during the interbreed final, judge John Manchee even backed a worldwide feature.

"I started judging when I was 12 and this is the first one of these I've done and I don't have a problem at all whether they are there in front of me or there are people watching or not, it doesn't affect me, I see what I see," he said.

"I hope it continues. I think it is something we can expand on.

"It would be really nice to bring all the states and even overseas (onboard) and we can have some sort of world wide battle and why not? This might be the catalyst to do that. I hope it continues and well done to everyone."


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