States head in opposite direction over plans to open domestic borders

COVID-19 Informer: States head in opposite direction over plans to open domestic borders


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Coronavirus border restrictions have stoked interstate rivalries with tension between premiers over tourist movements.

NSW is pushing ahead to open up the state so residents can travel freely and encourage interstate travel.

But some of the other states are not so keen which is understandable if you live in WA, SA and Tassie where the run of no new cases continues.

SA is looking to relax restrictions earlier and keeping out interstate visitors will help them achieve that.

In WA they are taking the time to see if the recent easing of restrictions will lead to new cases. They want to wait for two weeks before their next step.

News of the virus shutting down a Sydney school is likely to steel the resolve of those premiers that are keeping the drawbridge up.

Travel and tourism is regarded as a key step to boost the economy.

The hospitality industry will be keen to get new visitors after experts warned it could take six years for the industry to recover.

Even if people can travel, social distancing will put pressure on small businesses as customers will be expected to queue outside to wait their turn. Dealing with 30 locals at your cafe is hard enough, a flood of 300 tourists will make that a tough situation for all. Remember to be nice to employees at any business if they are asking you to wait or stand back.

Opening international borders feels like a long way off but plans to let international students back in are being made. Universities rely heavily on international students but a look at the crisis that has engulfed so many countries is that a risk that we should take?

Australia is 90th in the world for most active cases with 537 people still classed as having the disease. Yesterday 27 countries recorded more than 537 new cases in one day, which is a scary thought.

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