Queenslanders chase Hardigreen Park sires

Hardigreen Park sale brings $5750 average thanks to strong Queensland support

The equal top price bulls at $9000 with Hardigreen Park stud manager Col Patterson, Nutrien Livestock agent Scott Simshauser and Santa Gertrudis general manager Chris Todd.

The equal top price bulls at $9000 with Hardigreen Park stud manager Col Patterson, Nutrien Livestock agent Scott Simshauser and Santa Gertrudis general manager Chris Todd.


The majority of the bidding action was from across the border.


Queensland beef producers from 1900 kilometres away led the bidding activity at what was described as one of the best Hardigreen Park bull sales held on Thursday.

The Wallabadah based stud of Moreton Rolfe and managed by Col Patterson and family produced a $5750 average for the 12 bulls that sold from the 19 catalogued with prices reaching as high as $9000 twice.

Elite Livestock Auctions led the sale and helped secure all but three of the bulls that were purchased from the 14 registered on-property buyers.

Bids were received from as far as Boulia, Roma, The Gums, Tambo and Taroom in Queensland with strong support from repeat clients who were willing to by the bulls sight unseen.

Top money was paid for Hardigreen Park P4 by Jim Scully, Carlow, Blackall, Qld, who also secured last year's highest priced bull.

His pick was a 25-month-old son of Yarrawonga Formidable who weighed 792 kilograms, had an average daily gain of 1kg, 40 centimetre scrotum, eye muscle area of 123 square centimetres and rump and rib fat depths of 14 and nine millimetres. His semen morphology was 85 per cent.

Santa Gertrudis general manager Chris Todd did the bidding on his behalf but they fell short on securing the equal top price bull, Hardigreen Park P76, who was secured by Gerard Dunn, Megine, Roma.

The son of Dangarfield Yoda weighed 811 kilograms with a 1.13kg DWG, 37cm scrotum, 124sq cm EMA and rump and rib fats of 16 and 9mm. His semen morphology was 73 per cent.

Mr Dunn also purchased Hardigreen Park P90 for $7500, Bullamakinka Q128 for $7000 and Hardigreen Park P66 for $4500.

Boulia producers Brook and Sarah McGlinchey, Badalia Pst Co, were key supporters online and secured Hardigreen Park P112 for $6000 and Bullamakinka Q118 for $4500.

The first time buyers to Hardigreen Park had been underbidders last year and were losing on the two top price before they eventually secured their new sires for the 100,000 acre property.

The bulls will join their herd of 1000 cows based on Brahman, Santa and Charolais crosses.

Mr McGlinchey said he originally thought the cattle were at Goondiwindi but was impressed with Moreton Rolfe and his operation during conversations on the phone.

"Peter Brazier (a stock agent) just recommended them and I rang Moreton up last year and he sounded like a good fella and I liked the sound of him and his place," Mr McGlinchey said.

"I also looked at the map and saw Tamworth and Goondiwindi were a bit far apart. I didn't think they were that far down."

Running at about a 50 to 60 per cent season, the McGlincheys aim to grow out milk to two tooth bullocks or custom feed.

Softness and bone were key traits he was chasing, opting to follow good studs when he found them.

"Normally I join in February because you want a wet season in January and February," he said.

"You are pulling your weaners off now and it's getting a bit cold and dry. I will give these guys a couple of months and then put them out and get some use out of them.

"Those couple of droughts ruined our controlled joining."

Stud principal Moreton Rolfe said the result was by far the best he had seen from three on-property sales and based on the weaner lineup there was some good sire prospects in the making for next year.

The sale was conducted by Nutrien Livestock Tamworth and Elite Livestock Auctions.

Read the full report in The Land next week.


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