Remarkable moments of life on the land caught on camera

Life on the land through the camera lens


Readers incredible photos.


Cattle reflected in water as still as grass, doggos so cute you desperately want to cuddle them through cyberspace, and kids working hard on the farm are just some of the incredible snaps we've received from you, the readers, on Instagram.

We feature some of the best photos on our Instagram account daily, and today we thought we'd bring some of the cream of the crop over to the website.

The photos are all from Instagram accounts across Australia and feature all aspects of farm life and rural living - from being out on the tractor to amazing shots of the weather and stock and working dogs in action.

If you want the chance to have your photo featured on The Land's Instagram page, or here on the website, tag #viewfromtheland into the photo when you pop it on Instagram.

Happy snapping!


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