Whopper Wednesday for buyers

Cowra lamb sale shifts to Wednesday


Cowra Council has moved quickly to change the weekly lamb sale day to Wednesday.


Buyers will have a lamb sale smorgasbord with Cowra and Carcoar both running weekly auctions on Wednesday.

Selling agents have praised the move by Cowra Council to reschedule the 10am Friday weekly prime lamb sale to Wednesday.

The breakneck speed of the decision also means all those involved in the marketing of sheep at Cowra have certainty about the direction of the sale day.

Cowra Council sought feedback on the proposed change to the sale day late last month and, within a fortnight, had announced its decision, which will come into force on August 19.

Cowra selling agents president Craig Oliver said the decision was driven by the selling agents.

The Cowra Regional Livestock Selling Centre, owned and operated by Cowra Council, attracts a full contingent of local and export buyers to its weekly sale.

Consultation on the decision was also undertaken with the agents operating at the nearby Central Tablelands Livestock Exchange, Carcoar.

Carcoar also holds a Wednesday prime lamb sale and it's expected buyers will be able to operate in both markets.

Mr Oliver said the lamb offerings should attract a range of buyers who can make a larger day of purchasing at Cowra and Carcoar on their way to Thursday's Wagga lamb sale.

The Carcoar prime lamb sale will start at 8am and the Cowra market will kick off at 11.30am.

"Our lamb seasons should complement each other too," he said.

"The sucker season in Cowra runs from about July to October, while at Carcoar it's from October to Christmas."

John Sullivan, JJ Dresser and Company, Woodstock, sells lambs for clients at Cowra and Carcoar.

He said holding both sales on the same day should attract a full contingent of quality buyers.

"Buyers can start at one sale early in the morning and then move to the other later in the day," he said.

"It's a good thing for both centres, a win-win really."

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