Yass weaner steers top at $1615

Photos: Yass weaner steers top at $1615


A smaller yarding at Yass, with 785 cattle in the draft.


There was a smaller yarding of 785 cattle at the Yass store sale on Friday, numbers back by 187 head and quality plainer than recent weeks.

Cows and calves sold for a top of $2920, for six Shorthorn units, weighing an average 767kg, from A Willson, Tarago. They were awarded Best Presented Cows on the day.

Cherry Grove, Yass offered 11 Angus cows and calves, three to five years-old weighing an average 561.8kg. They were bought by Jock Duncombe, Duncombe and Co for $2660 per head.

Pregnancy tested in calf cows made $2050, while PTIC heifers got to $1910.

K and R Lambkin, Fullerton sold a pen of 10 Poll Hereford PTIC heifers, weighing 537.5kg, for $1860.

Light weaner steers, weighing up to 280kg, made $845 to $1425, selling for up to 565 cents per kilogram.

Those weighing more than 280kg made from $1150 to $1615 for up to 462c/kg.

The tops were seven Poll Herefords, weighing ave 391kg, sold by C. McMillan, Bungendore and awarded Best Presented Steers.

Feeder weight steers sold from $890 to $1600, making a top of 414c/kg.

Light weaner heifers, up to 280kg, made from $740 to $1140 topping at 582c/kg.

Heavier weaners sold from $1260 to $1380 for a top of 535c/kg.

LA Angus P/L, Goulburn was awarded Best Presented Heifers for their pen of 11 Angus, weighing 311kg, which sold for $1310.

The sale was conducted by SELX selling agents.

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