A decade of writing skills in decline

Australia's decade of writing skills in decline

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We need to be tenacious and adopt new behaviours with our writing.


If this year has taught us one thing it is as a society, we are adaptable, tenacious and can implement new behaviours quickly and effectively. We need to act this way with writing.

Ten years of decline in our child's ability to write as per NAPLAN results has driven The Thematic Review of Writing, commissioned by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

The Review highlights a lack of teacher knowledge, skill and confidence in the teaching of writing as the key challenge. We believe there are three clear problems responsible for the writing muddle our children and teachers are in today.


They are the overuse and misplaced use of technology, a lack of purpose and relevance for students and teachers not receiving the support and resources to enable them to effectively teach writing.

Teachers, regardless of skill level, need access to resources, experience, inspiration and models.

Littlescribe and The Land are focusing on the diverse needs of literacy in the country. We will share rich samples and models of writing, and connect educators and students in country and city schools.

The first resource the Teacher Writing Toolkit - in it you'll find writing activities for every day of the year: https://www.littlescribe.com/for-educators/teacher-writing-toolkit/


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