"The Terrible Drought" by Laura Chudleigh

Littlescribe: "The Terrible Drought" by Forbes Public School student Laura Chudleigh

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A story by Forbes Public School student Laura Chudleigh.


The Land has partnered with organisation Littlescribe, which helps students build stronger literacy skills, encouraging every child to become an co-author with the help of Australia's most well known writers.

Each week The Land will feature stories from children across the state, online and in print. The first featured story is Forbes Public School's Laura Chudleigh's "The Terrible Drought", written with the guidance of professional author and entertainer Andrew Daddo and writer and illustrator James Foley.

"We know these kids have a lot to share and teach us about grit, humour and pride," Andrew said.

"It is a chance to show they are supported and to unlock and share their story."


Laura's story is part of Littlescribe's 'My Life Story' program, which is run in partnership with Royal Far West to connect and enable country and city students to write, illustrate and publish their very own book, giving them a powerful voice to share and learn from their own life experiences.

Reflecting on her story, which was created for the theme nature/environment/resilience, Laura said she knew instantly that she would write about the drought and her horses moving away.

"I decided to write about this experience because it was such a major event in my life. I love riding my horse, Mozart, with mum, around the farm and while they were gone I missed that so much," Laura said.

"I wanted to tell my story. It was important for me to tell others how I was feeling and how the drought affected me.

"I would like all of the city children to know what it was and is like for kids in the country.

"I hope my story gives hope to those who read it and remind everyone, that even in the hardest of times, if we all stick together we can achieve greatness and get through anything."


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