Send it down, Hughie| Photos

Send it down, Hughie| Photos


New Beer helps Raise Money for Drought-Affected Farming Communities


A new Australian Beer has launched and $2.00 from every case will be donated to the charity 'GIVIT' to help raise much needed funds and equipment for those living in drought-affected communities.

Brewed in Goulburn, Southern NSW by award-wining Tribe Breweries, 'Hughie' is a light, refreshing lager made from 100 per cent Australian-grown hops and malt and makes a great, easy-drinking thirst-quencher at the end of a long hot day.

"The name 'Hughie' derives from the term "Send it down Hughie" which was a common Aussie bushman's cry for rain at the turn of the 20th century, so it's great to see that the money raised from the sale of Hughie can go towards helping those living in drought-affected communities today," Billy Ryan, category manager, craft beer, Dan Murphy's said.

Since late 2018, GIVIT has spent more than $600,000 in donated relief funds to co-ordinate over 140,000 items purchased in local communities to help 12,000 people across regional NSW affected by drought conditions.

"Being able to replace a water tank, mend a fence or purchase a week's supply of groceries at the local store can make a significant positive contribution to a family dealing with drought," Scott Barrett, GIVIT's NSW manager said.

He said that last year was Australia's driest on record and although some areas have received rainfall this year, it will take much more than a few showers to make any significant difference.

Scott Barrett, GIVIT with a case of 'Hughie' stubbies. Photo: supplied

Scott Barrett, GIVIT with a case of 'Hughie' stubbies. Photo: supplied

"Drought affects everyone in regional communities; farmers, their businesses and their families," he said.

"It affects lives, livestock and livelihoods.

"Whole communities are impacted: local businesses dry-up because of reduced spending and the effects run deep across generations, economically, socially and emotionally.

"Many of these communities are now dealing with double-whammy of drought followed by bush-fires.

"It doesn't get any tougher than that."

"It doesn't get any tougher than that," Scott Barrett said.

"It doesn't get any tougher than that," Scott Barrett said.

With its strong agricultural roots in wool production, Hughie's birth-place and home in Goulburn, has also seen the far-reaching impact of drought:

"Drought really affected our local agricultural community over the last few years. It's fantastic to be producing a drop of great-tasting Goulburn beer that is 100 per cent Australian and gives back to the community it serves," Anton Szpitalak, Tribe Breweries, Goulburn said.

- Hughie is available from Dan Murphy's and BWS RRP: $59 case; $20 6-pack; $4.00 each.

- For further information visit:

GIVIT enables registered charities make specific requests for items required by those in need, enabling well-meaning donors to make a positive difference in the lives of those they support. GIVIT's Drought Relief Program was established in 2018 to provide vital support to people toughing it out in relentless drought conditions. Critical to the success of GIVIT's work in this area is to 'buy local' when it uses financial donations to meet community needs.

By supporting businesses in regional and remote towns in this way, GIVIT helps shops remain open, people keep jobs and communities and to hold onto places to connect with each other.

- For further information, visit:

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