Corowa first cross ewes to $418

Photos: Corowa Blue Ribbon First Cross Ewe Sale tops at $418


Well presented ewes were highly sought after by repeat buyers.


Vendors were all smiles at the Corowa Blue Ribbon First Cross Ewe Sale on Thursday, with the Border Leicester cross Merino ewes on offer attracting up to $418.

Corcoran Parker agent Clynton Rixon said the earlier runs of 2019-drop ewes made from $400 to $410.

"Then as you dropped down in your age and your weight a little bit, a lot of the ewes starting making from $370 to $390, that was pretty consistent all the way through," Mr Rixon said.

"The second drafts came down to $350 to $370."

Mr Rixon said the sheep offered were at least 10 to 20 kilograms heavier than seen at last year's sale.

"They haven't really had a bad day, I think at this end of the season, with our sale being when the feed's peaking, the sheep are presented as well as they ever have," Mr Rixon said.

"It's a very well timed sale this year."

The top price of $418 was paid for 800 July/August 2019-drop ewes, by Cadell Border Leicester rams, from Colin Harper, Tara Vale, Ariah Park.

The sale-topping ewes were purchased by Nutrien Leongatha.

The other large run of the sale was 800 ewes from renowned vendors Bill and David Bott, Emu Park, Coreen.

The ewes made $410 and were March/April 2019-drop with Alma blood and by Tulagi Border Leicester rams.

Also making $410 was 208 ewes, April/May 2019-drop with Borambil blood and by Deleware Border Leicester rams, from L Clifton and Son, Kia Ora, Coreen.

While, D G MacFarlane Family Trust, Maneroo Park, Daysdale sold 340 April/May 2019-drop ewes with Borambil blood and by Rainbow Border Leicester rams for $411.

Moving into the younger ewes, Inglemar Pastoral Company, Wandoo Farm, Walbundrie sold 190 September/October 2019-drop ewes, with One Oak Poll blood and by Gleneith Super Borders rams, for $412.

The 2020-drop ewe lamb section was topped by the Boyd family of Uyanyah, Brocklesby, with $365 paid for their 156 March/April 2020-drop ewes by Elarada Border Leicester rams.

Mr Rixon said it was mostly repeat buyers who pushed the market up to such heights.

Sheep went all over Victoria, including into Gippsland, the Western District and the Shepparton region.

"We also had a lot more sheep going towards Wagga Wagga, which on last year's season didn't happen," Mr Rixon said.

The sale was interfaced by AuctionsPlus and conducted by Corcoran Parker, Elders, Nutrien, Rodwells, Brian Unthank and Australian Wool Network.

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