First cross ewes to $408 at Wycheproof

First-cross ewes to $408, Merinos to $332 at Wycheproof


A yarding of around 10,000 first cross and Merino sheep sold above expectations at Wycheproof Friday.


A good crowd of buyers from a wide area of Victoria descended on the Wycheproof annual spring store sheep sale Friday.

The yarding of 10,031 comprised good drafts of 2019 and 2020 first cross ewes as well as some pens of 2015 to 2017 drop ewes.

The Merino section comprised mainly unjoined 2019 drop ewes as well as a couple of lines of 2015 to 2018-drop ewes.

There were good lines of Merino wethers that attracted inquiry.

Elders Wycheproof's Kevin Thompson, said it was a successful sale, the first sale since February 14.

"We plan to have a sale the last week of November, but there won't be the number of first cross ewes because I don't think they are in the district," he said.

"Obviously the buyers today noted that today with their competition."

Mr Thompson said they were a bit apprehensive about the sale before hand, but that the cross bred sheep "sold a bit better than we expected".

He said the quality Merino ewes sold well, but there were some lines that just lacked the bloom and were a bit younger that were "buyable".

The Merino ewes that had repeat buyers operating on them sold "exceptionally well", he said.

"We did buy ewes for locals when there were chances. I think vendors were satisfied all the way through," Mr Thompson said.

Mt Thompson said there were few Merino ewe lambs as producers retained numbers.

He said the Merino wethers was led off by February shorn wethers that topped at $232 a head.

Top of the 1.5 year old first-cross ewes was $408 achieved on two lines.

The first was a line of 189 account WJ Watts, August drop, September shorn. The same vendor had a pen of 110 ewes, same description, that made $382.

The second line to make $408 was a pen of 205 account Pollington Farms that were April/May drop, September shorn. The same vendor also had 157 same description, that made $380.

A line of 181 April/May 2019-drop ewes, August shorn, sold account Brenco Farming for $402.

Selling for $398 was a pen of 123, June/July drop ewes, October shorn, that sold account O'Shannessy Brothers.

TJ Rumbold sold a pen of 95, April/May, September shorn first cross ewes that made $390.

A pen of 167 first cross ewes, April/May 2020 drop, September shorn, sold account NR Weir Pty Ltd, for $270.

Kaniera Holdings sold a pen of 100, April/May 2017-drop, September shorn, for $290.

A pen of June/July 2015 drop ewes, account t KY Pastoral, August shorn, made $256.

Tops of the 1.5 year-old Merino ewes was a line of 317 May/June 2019 drop ewes, August shorn, that sold account Link Agriculture and made $332.

The annual draft of Pooginook-blood ewes, October shorn, sold account BC & MI Olive, Yeungroon, sold for $316 for a line of 206.

A pen of 284 January shorn ewes account RE, SF & AJ Coatsworth, sold for $258, while Bibby Farms sold 117 June shorn ewes for $288.

Of the older Merino ewes there were two lines sold account JJ Hallam Pty Ltd. One pen of 258, June 2016 drop, March shorn, sold for $280 while a line of 257, June 2015 drop sold for $256.

Two pens of Merino wethers were consigned account EW & JA Mead, with 245, May 2019-drop, February shorn wethers making $232 and 195 same description made $226.

An annual draft from Gulthul Pty Ltd comprised a line of 455, May/June 2020 drop, August shorn, that made $157 and a second line of 318 sold for $144.

JH & JJ Elliott, Avoca, forwarded a draft of April/May 2020-drop wethers, August shorn that sold in four lines to one purchaser. The tops at $140 was a pen of 260, while the balance sold from $114 to $136.

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