Incredible photos of the 2020 harvest

Harvest 2020 across NSW in photos


Check out these amazing reader photos.


The 2020 harvest is underway across NSW as many of the state's farmers are finally rejoicing in a crop after years of drought.

The widespread rain has been impacting the efforts, but in many paddocks from the north to the south, it's full steam ahead.

It's an amazing sight to behold - and we'd like to see your cracking harvest 2020 photos from all across the country.

If you are out in the field, working hard, driving the machinery, or fixing it - we'd love to see a snapshot of what's going on at your place.

The best photos shared with us have been complied and added to the gallery above, in fact we'd had so many photos we'd had to make another gallery - you can check that out here.

Share your great pics in the comments in the Facebook post above or via #harvestTL on Instagram.

Happy harvest!


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