Strong quality and prices for Casterton heifers | Friday

Casterton heifer sale brings good quality and prices


The all breeds Casterton weaner heifer sale exceeded expectations.


Agents reported the all breeds weaner heifer sale at Casterton exceeded expectations and brought very good prices on Friday.

Close to 2000 head of heifers were yarded.

Elders Casterton livestock manager Sam Broomby said the strong prices reflected the quality of cattle.

'We had a very good yarding numbers wise and quality wise, we had a few cattle go on the boat but not as many as last year, so I think that improved our quality a lot," he said.

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Weights were similar to other years, he said, although the cattle looked heavier that what they actually were.

"The season cut out a little bit and we had a bit of rain through November, December, and that sort of turned the dry feed a bit rank," he said.

"But the cattle looked good and they sold very well.

"Heavy cattle, your Euro cattle were 480c/kg to 490c/kg, your heavier end of your Blacks were 490c/kg to 515 or 520c/kg.

"Your middle run of blacks were anywhere up to 535 to 540c/kg.

"And then your light blacks were up to 578c/kg your top price was."

"Herefords started off at 500 to 520c/kg for your heavier end.

"We didn't have the heavier end in the Herefords that we did for the blacks, but the middle run of Herefords sold very, very well.

"They sold up to 556c/kg I reckon for 260kg to 270kg calves, your lighter end was very similar."

Ulonga started the bidding with a pen of 19 Angus at 332kg for 502c/kg or $1666 a head.

Gunado then sold 12 at 370kg for 476c/kg or $1761 a head.

Nangana sold several pens, including 24 at 344kg for 532c/kg or $1830 a head and 19 at 313kg for 528c/kg or $1652 a head.

Baroona sold 42 at 343kg for 534c/kg or $1831 a head.

West Ridge sold 16 at 369kg for 526c/kg or $1941 a head and Willbrook Five sold 14 at 329kg for 520c/kg or $1710.

The Gums sold 27 at 239kg for 578c/kg or $1381 and Baroona 16 at 270c/kg for 530 or $1431 a head.

Mr Broomby said there was no difference in price for European Union accredited cattle and buyers came from various areas, ranging from NSW to Gippsland.

"Compared to Hamilton we were expecting anywhere from 500 to 530c/kg and I think we cracked that very well," he said.

"I think we were probably 20 to 30c better than Hamilton yesterday, probably more along quality and numbers.

"It's a lot higher than what we were expecting."

For full coverage of the weaner sales this week, including detailed market reports, The Land will post updates here.

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