Hamilton heifers average 514c/kg, top at $2102 | Friday

Heifers to 632c/kg, yard averaged $1592


Heifer prices rode on the back of their versatility at the Hamilton independent agents heifer sale Friday.


The incredible run of heifer prices continued to the final pen in a yarding of 1776 all-breed weaner heifers at Hamilton Friday.

The independent agents saw quality lines of Angus and Hereford heifers attract wide interest as breeders as well as for feeder operators.

In a massive result for vendors, the lure of good lines of quality heifers suitable to add to herds saw prices surge.

There was widespread support across the yarding with long-time supporter Andrew Whan of Miler John and Whan Mt Gambier, SA, buying almost a third of the yarding across three clients.

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LMB Livestock auctioneer Bernie Grant, said the sale was "incredible".

"Unbelievable has been used a lot. The heifers have outclassed the steers in the end and that's because a lot of heifers have gone back to the paddock to be joined up," he said.

Spending $1800 to $2000 on heifers to join was a good thing, as it meant the herd was rebuilding, he said.

Mr Grant said averages were likely double last year when a lot of heifers were making $650 to $750 a head.

"Last year we were paying 260c to 280c/kg and this year those weight heifers are making 490c to 530c," he said.

The first pen of the sale was the heifer portion of Michael and Jacinta Coffey, Port Fairy, and comprised 19 that weighed 361 kilograms and sold for 582 cents a kilogram or $2102 a head.

The next two pens totaled 43 and weighed 339kg making 586c/kg or $1985.

All three pens went to the same purchaser, Charles Stewart Colac account Garry and Judy McNamara, Irriwillipe. The McNamaras are changing enterprise from dairy to beef.

The same buyer paid 504c/kg or $1954 for a pen of 11 at 387kg sold account Mount View, and 28 at 516c/kg or $1793 for heifers sold account EJC Cameron, that weighed 347kg,

Banquet Angus put together a draft of 54 heifers from various clients that will lead into their 2022 bull sale.

The line included 20 account Winninburn, that weighed 338kg for 518c/kg or $1753, 28 account Cadell at 329kg for 520c/kg or $1714 and 16 account Camp Creek, at 327kg for 518c/kg or $1694.

In the Hereford penning Yarram Park manager Jeremy Upton was active buying 183 Hereford heifers for herd expansion at the company's South Australian properties. The lots included a pen of 18 sold account RS Rundell & Sons, for 632c/kg or $1804 on weights of 285kg and 18 same vendor at 313kg for 528c/kg or $1652.

Yarram Park also bought a pen of 16 sold account Orana for 601c/kg or $1923 on weights of 320kg and 26, same vendor, at 285kg, for 538c/kg, or $1535.

The draft of 133 Hereford heifers account LR Wheeler included 27 at 365kg that made 518c/kg, of $1890 and 48 at 335kg for 510c/kg or $1708. Both went to Yarram Park.

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