New principal's vision to help carry on 'NEGS tradition'

New England Girls School welcomes Kathy Bishop as new principal


Kathy Bishop to lead the way at NEGS.

Kathy Bishop will take on the role as principal of New England Girls School in 2021. Photo: Supplied

Kathy Bishop will take on the role as principal of New England Girls School in 2021. Photo: Supplied

A VIEW to upholding the traditions of one of the state's most prestigious boarding schools will be atop the agenda for Kathy Bishop in 2021.

Mrs Bishop will take on the role of principal at New England Girls School (NEGS), after working at major Queensland schools St Margarets, Clayfield College and Ipswich Girls Grammar.

"The experiences I've had at those three schools over many years will hopefully hold me in good stead," Mrs Bishop told The Land.

"I'm pretty lucky that my last two schools are similar to NEGS in that they also catered for students from kindergarten to Year 12.

"I look forward to hitting the ground running in 2021 and what should be a fantastic school year."

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Arriving at the school in time for the annual speeches day at the conclusion of Term 4 last year, Mrs Bishop was treated to a warm welcome by the school community.

"Honestly, everyone was just so welcoming and it was so nice to have a chance to meet quite a few of the students," she said.

"In fact, I was able to form a bit of a focus group with some our Year 7 and Year 8 girls, who I will aim to catch up with throughout the year.

"It will be great to catch up those girls to get a good sense of things that are going well and ways we can innovate."

Mrs Bishop said NEGS' "outstanding tradition and results for its students" were legacies she was determined to uphold.

"I actually first heard of NEGS many years ago through a few friends who were really succeeding in their chosen fields," she said.

"I have always envied the achievements of NEGS students and the opportunities the school gives its students not just in Australia but overseas as well.

"NEGS students have such a rich tapestry of success too across all fields from sports to academia.

"I look forward to helping continue this legacy on in and out of the classroom."

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