Your ultimate guide to safety workwear

Your ultimate guide to safety workwear


To make the most of the hours you spend maintaining your property, it's important to dress in clothes and footwear that keeps you comfortable and safe.


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When working the land, what you wear can have an impact on your productivity. While comfort is always key, so too is cut, colour, fit, and durability. To make the most of the hours you spend maintaining your property, it's important to dress in clothes and footwear that keeps you comfortable and safe.

Safety is top priority for anyone. From farmers to light industrial workers (and many sectors in between), they all require trusted, reliable workwear that covers head to toe. This includes equipment such as eye protection and quality footwear for every job.

So, what should you be looking for in your safety workwear?

Choose hi vis clothing where necessary to stay safe

High-visibility (hi vis) safety clothing is necessary for those who work in low light or in areas with poor visibility. If your job involves spending a lot of time around moving vehicles, it's also safest to dress in high-vis items.

You should opt for shirts that feature fluorescent colours and materials such as reflective perforated 3M™ tape. If you need to achieve higher visibility in dark or clouded environments, garments and accessories such as these are essential.

Trusted hi vis workwear brands: ELEVEN Workwear, DNC, Ubewt, Rainbird, CAT®.

Make sure your footwear fits the job

When it comes to the business of manual labour, the right safety footwear not only makes a difference, it's paramount for your protection. Whether you need a steel cap, lace up or zip-sided styles, it pays to shop with a supplier with a work footwear range that covers all bases, and all boots.

The first step is to understand that not all sectors require the same kind of shoe, the second is to recognise the importance of getting the perfect boot for your profession. For a workplace that has slippery or wet floors, you should opt for anti-slip safety boots or safety shoes.

Wet, slippery floors and uneven surfaces are common hazards for work safety, therefore investing in proper water resistant work boots or safety joggers will dramatically reduce the risk.

To avoid workplace injuries such as sprains, strains and broken bones, wearing appropriate safety work boots is essential.

Trusted safety footwear brands: Steel Blue, Oliver, Blundstone.

Don't forget the importance of eye protection

To stay safer in your workplace, it's important to invest in personal protective equipment (PPE) eyewear. Not only does PPE eyewear help to protect your facial features from hazardous materials, it also decreases the risk of workplace injuries.

PPE eyewear is designed to assist with everything from reducing eye fatigue to protection from infectious fluids and chemicals. Many styles also provide unrestricted side visibility, ventilation gaps, and glare elimination for extra comfort and protection.

Trust PPE eyewear brands: Bollé®, Blue Rapta, 3M™, Uvex.

Source your workwear from a supplier you can trust

Anyone who works on the land will tell you that dressing appropriately for the job at hand is paramount, not only for comfort but also for your protection.

To make life easier, it's sometimes best to shop workwear at a store that stocks everything you need all in one place. The less time you spend browsing between stores, the more time you'll have for spending time on the land and with loved ones.

Which is precisely why it pays to buy your workwear from a business that has your back.

Offering an extensive range, RSEA Safety provides Australian farmers with the latest styles in workwear from trusted brands such as ELEVEN Workwear, CAT®, FXD, Carhartt and many more.

As the largest independent safety business in Australia, and the market leader in their field, RSEA Safety has the capability and capacity to meet the workwear and safety needs of businesses large and small.

Providing safety workwear for men and women-as well as a range of workplace safety supplies-RSEA are committed to keeping Australians safely dressed, so that we can get to work with greater peace of mind.