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Littlescribe: Australia seen through the eyes of bilingual primary students

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What would you draw to represent Australia?


As part of the Littlescribe partnership, last week The Land featured work from the Italian Bilingual school on how they see Australia and what Australia represents to them.

It may surprise some people to learn the most widely spoken language after English on a daily basis is Italian.


The influence of Italians in rural Australia is undeniable, from the love of arts and music to vineyards, olive oils, fruits, and vegetables.

Today research into the next wave of immigrant farmers shows they bring technological insights from overseas to Australia.

For example, African regions bring water-saving proven initiatives, while Asian markets bring a range of new vegetables and fruits.

So as much as vegemite is still much loved and celebrated, students are showing how well we adapt, adopt and merge cultures over the generations in our way of life and economically.


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