Murrurundi cows with calves reach $3450 at Scone

Scone store sale topped by cows with calves at $3450

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File photo.


The monthly store sale was dominated by pregnancy-tested-in-calf heifers as well as cows with calves.


A SMALL yarding of 450 head greeted buyers at the monthly Scone store cattle sale last Thursday.

Pregnancy-tested-in-calf heifers as well as cows with calves dominated the sale in the absence of weaner steers and heifers.

A total of 170 cows with calves were offered with prices ranging from $1800 to a sale high $3450. The top was achieved by a run of black baldy cows with calves from the Taylor family at Murrurundi.

Buyers looked to cash in on the cow with calve market, which averaged about $3350.

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Of the 130 PTIC heifers up for bids, a dispersal of Northcott, Wooloomin, Angus heifers were the highlight, topping at $2425.

Most of the PTIC heifers ranged from about $1800 to $2500.

A line of Shorthorn weaner steers shone through the small offering to top at $1590, while the remaining weaner steers averaged $1400.

Davidson Cameron and Company stock agent Stuart Sheldrake, Scone, said there was "plenty of value on offer" at this month's sale.

"This sale was a bit different in that it bucked the trend of other sales in the state by offering mostly cows and calves as well as PTIC heifers," Mr Sheldrake said.

"Honestly, I think there was quite a bit of value to be had at this month's sale.

"I think anyone who sold at this sale would be pretty happy and anyone who bought would have taken home some high-quality cattle."

Despite Thursday's yarding being comparable to last month's, Mr Sheldrake said the quality of cattle helped the market remain firm.

"Like I said, I think there was quite a bit of value to be had at this month's sale and I think those who bought would have been really happy," he said.

"The market was dominated by local restockers and they really helped the market remain firm."

It is unlikely Scone will host a store sale next month due to the annual Hunter Valley Angus Breeders Association sale.

"This year's sale should be a cracker because we had to miss the 2020 sale due to the COVID-19 pandemic," Mr Sheldrake said.

"It is unlikely we will host a store sale because I think most producers around us will be gearing up for that sale in late May.

"However, if there are some producers looking to sell some runs of cattle we would certainly still be open to holding one."

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