Littlescribe: A day at Clergate Public School

Littlescribe: A day at Clergate Public School by James Schneider

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What's a day in the life of a Clergate Public School student? James is here to tell us.


Clergate Public School student James Schneider has written about what a day in the life is like at Clergate, highlighting what makes his school special, from the chickens to the 'amazing green grass.'

The school is took part in last year's Mini-Writers Festival held by Littlescribe, which is on again this July.


Clergate Public School teacher Sophie Clayton said the festival and Littlescribe's co-author program allowed students to connect with authors and illustrators such as Andrew Daddo, James Foley and Deborah Abela.

"We are a rural school and often don't have access to exceptional writer's workshops and events like this and travel can be very expensive," Ms Clayton said.

"It was just beautiful watching the children open their very own books and giggle away as they read to one another then proudly took them home to have on their bookshelves."

James said "when I was writing my book I realised that writing could be hard, but I really liked it! It was fun!"

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