Ewe-beauty! Mum raises five lambs

White Suffolk ewe raises five lambs unassisted

The White Suffolk ewe and her five lambs. Photo: Chris Morse

The White Suffolk ewe and her five lambs. Photo: Chris Morse


Fertility is important to this producer and one ewe is leading the way.


Coolah producer Peter Morse is focused on fertility in his White Suffolk flock but he never expected to find a ewe raising five lambs on her own.

In what he describes as a "once in a lifetime" moment, Mr Morse was left shocked around three months ago when a three-year-old commercial ewe was spotted raising a tribe of lambs.

"The mob had been scanned but I saw her in the paddock with them and I drifted her and her fives lambs off and two sets of triplets off and brought them into a better paddock," he said.

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"She raised them all (the five), they are crackers. The only disappointing thing is they were five little boy lambs."

Mr Morse only retains ewe lambs from twinner mobs in his commercial flock on the property, Booyamurra.

It's paying off with his lambing rates rising from 148 per cent across his maidens last year to around 156 per cent this year.

The ewe and her five lambs. Photo: Chris Morse

The ewe and her five lambs. Photo: Chris Morse

"Last year I had a set of quads but I've never known five or quintuplets," he said.

"A lot of people said did I do anything but I did nothing, she did the lot.

"I do think it could be a once in a lifetime thing."

The five lambs are yet to be weaned but remain very even thanks to their "wonderful mother".

"She is obviously putting her foot down a little bit and they are spreading out a little bit more than they used to and I know they are playing around with the other lambs but before those five were within a metre of her," Mr Morse said.

Photo: Chris Morse

Photo: Chris Morse

Ironically in 2013 Mr Morse's father, Chris, was featured in The Land on his Maules Creek property and commented that the greatest strength of the breed was their mothering ability.

At the time Peter had encountered a ewe protecting her twin lambs against a fox. Once the fox had been shot and the threat was gone, she was so exhausted from standing guard all night that she laid down.

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