Share your farm kids photos

Share your rural kids photos with our #viewfromtheland


The Land is keen to see what's happening in your backyard.


They have been mustering goats, feeding livestock, doing horse work and just getting their hands dirty helping out on the farm.

With covid-19 restricting travel for some parts of the country these school holidays, kids across the state have still been able to muster up some fun back on the farm - and we would love to see those images.

Due to the restrictions many events have been cancelled so The Land is keen to see what's happening in your backyard so we can use the images in our pages.

Whether you realise it or not, these days we are all photographers with our smartphones always handy, even while we're out on the farm.

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We will showcase the best images on our website, in print, Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks in advance, and we look forward to seeing images of your kids on farm.

To submit your image tag #viewfromtheland on Instagram or email

Make sure you tell us about the photo along with when and where it was taken.

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