Franco Herefords to $14,000

Franco Herefords top 2021 bull sale at $14,000 - twice

Franco Herefords stud principal Frank Hannigan with agent Riley Wellman, Jan and Jim Smith, Townview at Urbenville, with the top priced bulls - each making $14,000 on Friday at Casino.

Franco Herefords stud principal Frank Hannigan with agent Riley Wellman, Jan and Jim Smith, Townview at Urbenville, with the top priced bulls - each making $14,000 on Friday at Casino.


A strong line of Hereford bulls sold to a top of $14,000 at Franco Herefords, Casino, on Friday


Franco Herefords in conjunction with Parson Hill Hereford stud at Avoca Vale, Woodview via Casino, sold to a top price of $14,000 twice on Friday to average $8275 with 39 of 42 bulls sold.

Jim and Jan Smith, Townview at Urbenville came away with the two top priced bulls and landed a bid on another to become equal volume buyers.

The horned Franco Quarterback Q190 and Franco Quantum Leap Q125 made the top money - both sired by record priced Battalion Black Hawk K7 from the Franco Hillary cow line.

The two year old Quarterback, 898kg and frame score 8 scanned with 128 square centimetre eye muscle area and 4.4 per cent intra muscular fat, one of the top in the draft. According to Hereford Breed Plan, Quarterback measured +16 for milk, among the highest of the bulls on offer.

Quantum leap, 934kg with a frame score of 7 and one of the highest scrotal circumferences measuring 40cm, scanned at 127sqcm EMA and 6.1pc IMF. Both bulls displayed predictive figures for eye muscle area at +3.6.

The Smiths also purchased another Battalion Black Hawk son, Franco Quotation Q175, for $9000.

All bulls will go into the Smith family's Hereford breeding program which turns off weaner steers for the Casino sales and sells heifers into a burgeoning cross-bred market on the North Coast.

Hereford breeders Ian and Sandra Reid, Woodenbong, purchased Franco Quicktime Q105 for $12,000 - another son of Battalion Blackhawk from the Franco Pearl cow line. At 944kg liveweight this bull was heaviest of the draft and scanned at the equal highest IMF with 6.5pc. Breed plan figures for this bull showed -0.1 for IMF and +3.1 for birth weight.

The Hickey family, Aberfoyle via Guyra paid $12,000 for Franco Quebec by Parson Hill Jarrah J807 from a Franco Cherry Ripe, 982kg, frame score 8, with 138sqcm EMA. The bull will run on proven Hereford country on the Ebor road where red and whites outperform blacks when it comes to weight.

The Grogan family, Tenterfield, came away with Franco Quinn Q10 for $12,000 - sired by Franco Magnetic M63 from a Franco Carnation cow line to use in their Hereford and Santa Gertrudis/Hereford program. The 896kg bull scanned 126sqcm EMA and 5.4pc IMF.

Ben Rumbel, Supple Whiteface Hereford stud at Guyra purchased Franco Question Of Law Q810 by Mawarra Explosive for $9000.

"I chose him for his skin and bone, depth and capacity," he said. "And he is an out-cross pedigree for our stud."

Mr Rumbel said he was at the Wodonga National sale when Franco principal Frank Hannigan, a Casino solicitor with a penchant for naming bulls with one eye on the law, bought Explosive. He admired him then.

"I was also after the traits of his sire, the New Zealand bull Pourakino Downs Jasper," he said. "And he has a terrific set of EBVs."

Robert Carr at Roseberry Creek Farms, Roseberry Creek via Kyogle, came away with three bulls paying to a top of $9000 for Franco Quasi Estoppel Q360 by Parson Hill Jarrah J807 going back to Battalion Bailey.

Hugh Bundock, Warialda Rail, also bought three bulls paying to $7000 for Franco Quilpie Q195 by Battalion Black Hawk.

The sale was conducted by Casino agents George and Fuhrmann with Ramsey and Bulmer in conjunction with Auctions Plus - which sold two bulls to the Riverina.


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