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This is how The Land farm kids spend their school holidays.


"What a great photo gallery of kids having fun on the farm" and "reminds me of my sister and I riding dad's milking cows...good days".

This is what readers said about our gallery of farm kids making the most of the school holidays.

So that's why we have put together a massive gallery of the images you have sent to us where kids a just having fun on the farm.

There is everything from country kids fencing, playing in the mud, feeding livestock and even young Billy Johnston from West Wyalong who reckons he's a cowboy.

During the holidays his father Craig made up a flying fox and bucking bull from objects on the farm to keep the kids occupied.

"They were perfect boredom busters. In between a bit of sheep work we had heaps of campfires, motorbike riding, a bit of exploring, new pups and new lambs," their mother Tessa said.

Keep an eye out for your photos in the print edition of The Land. We featured 10 in last week's paper July 15.

So don't miss this week.

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