Okay, tell us what we need

Okay, tell us what we need

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HOLD THE PRESS: Ross pride enjoyed these old bush advertisements.

HOLD THE PRESS: Ross pride enjoyed these old bush advertisements.


Ross Pride gets to see some interesting advertising on his telly at Blliagal, near Mudgee.


Our satellite dish picks up every TV channel in the country, but strangely the programs are only ever accompanied by commercials from retailers in outback Queensland and Northern Territory.

From here in Central West NSW, that's a bit of a drive.

During State of Origin last month we learnt, for example, about the deals at Mt Isa Muffler Shop, the 750g 'family' steaks, with chips, on the menu at an Alice Springs motel/restaurant, and Desert Dwellers (the Territory's largest camping, caravan and 4x4 store'), reminding everyone that 'If we don't have it, you don't need it'.

There was also a Longreach bull sale, and community service ads with some startling advice - if you're heading home after one too many, make sure you don't go to sleep on the road.

Bush advertising has always had a special charm.

In 'The Bible of the Bush', commemorating the Weekly Times 1995 125th anniversary, old newspaper advertisements tell it like it is.

The 'Forge Blast Asphyxiator' was the answer for 1880s rabbit plagues.

'It is worked with a large forge bellows, and is specially suitable to districts where the rabbits have taken possession of wombat holes or other burrows of great extent'.

James W. Rosier, gun-maker, offered 'First-class breech and muzzle-loading guns, rifles, and revolvers, at all prices, to suit the gentleman, the farmer, the hunter, and the miner'.

Did miners need guns?

Shearers were an important market for Dunlop's Thorn-Proof tyres: 'Thousands of you ride from station to station on Dunlop shod bicycles...We have now issued a special strong and heavy cover, known as the Thorn-proof, which is splendidly adapted for the riding you do.'

Once the men set to work they might use 'Ward and Payne's No. 50 and No. 75 Solid Crucible Cast Steel Sheep Shears', featuring 'A uniformity of shape, strength, and temper of blades hitherto unknown'.

They were, allegedly, 'In every sense good'.

If the sheep had footrot you'd try Champion Anti-Foot-Rot Boots and Lotion.

'The boots are made of specially treated canvas, to wire on above the fetlock. Pour the lotion inside the boot, and apply same. A certain cure in 48 hours'.

How long it would take to treat a mob of 1000 or so?


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