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New South Wales working dogs shine in your photos


Dogs shines in International Dog Day gallery.


WHILE we don't need a day to celebrate our favourite four-legged friends, with International Dog Day held in the past week, it was a good chance to pay tribute to man's best friend.

We already know that working dogs can be tireless workers, with the latest Cobber Challenge participants clocking up tallies of 345 kilometres in just one week.

But their worth is so much more than that.

From ensuring the work gets done, to providing a friendly face on the trip home, and a footwarmer in the evening, dogs are amazing.

We put the call out for you to share your pics of your best mates and you have delivered. So check out the collection of images here and marvel at all the ways these canines can brighten your day.

If you don't find your favourite pooch in there but you know you sent us a photo, stay tuned for the second gallery coming this week!

If you're not dogged out at the end, you can also check out our other galleries from around Australia:

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