Rocklyn Merino rams rocket to a $3225 average

Rocklyn Merino Stud sells all 70 rams to $3225 average

Rocklyn stud principal Ralph Diprose, auctioneer Aaron Seaman, Elders Young and purchaser Trevor Knight with the $6000 top priced ram. Photo: Supplied

Rocklyn stud principal Ralph Diprose, auctioneer Aaron Seaman, Elders Young and purchaser Trevor Knight with the $6000 top priced ram. Photo: Supplied


Total clearance achieved by Greenthorpe stud.


Rocklyn Merino stud sold all 70 rams offered for an average of $3225 and top price of $6000 at their annual on-property sale on Thursday.

Stud principal Ralph Diprose said it was one of their best on-property sales to date.

The Greenethorpe stud's line-up of July/August 2020-drop rams featured an average Dual Purpose Index, yearling weight and yearling fleece weight in the top 10 per cent.


The top priced ram, sold for $6000, went to Trevor Knight, who was bidding on behalf of long-term repeat buyers HB and VJ Knight and Son from Grenfall.

The ram was sired by one of Rocklyn's own, Rocklyn Poll 180215, and was a trait leader with a YCFW of 33 and YWT of 9.1, both in the top five per cent.

He also showed off a fibre diameter of 17.9, standard deviation of 2.8, comfort factor of 99.7 and DP+ index of 177.

Mr Diprose said the top-priced ram was a plain bodied poll with long stapled and nourished white wool.

"He's a well balanced ram being heavy cutting and having good early growth rate," Mr Diprose said.

Purchaser Trevor Knight said the ram's shape and wool made him his pick.

"He was a nice long-bodied, deep ram and he had a nice, bright, soft staple which appealed to me," Mr Knight said.

"We're looking for a good wool sheep and I was very impressed by the style of wool Ralph had on his rams this year."

Mr Knight said they had a very long association with the stud, his father buying rams from Mr Diprose's father back in the day.

The Knights bought five rams in total this year for an average of $5200.

The second top-price of $5750 was reached three times. The Knights purchased one of these rams, a son of Poll Boonoke 160612, who had an FD 17.5, SD 2.8, CF 99.75, YWT of 9.4, YEMD of 1.3 and DP+ of 181.

Fellow long-term buyers, TH Cooper and Co, Caragabal, purchased the other two rams for $5750. The first was an Anderson Poll weighing 101 kilograms that had a DP+ index value (208) and Merino Plus Index (201), in the top one per cent. He also had a YCFW of 35 and YWT of 12.2, both in the top five per cent.

Their second $5750 ram, a horned ram sired by Rocklyn 180149, was in the top one per cent for YCFW (42.0) and top five per cent for MP+ (191).

TH Cooper and Co was a volume buyer on the day, purchasing 11 rams for an average of $4523.

McKellar Pastoral Co, Grenfell took home 12 rams for an average of $2688 and GH and A Robertson from Old Junee averaged $1688 for their pick of eight new sires.

Return buyers from Springfield, Grenfell, added another four Rocklyn sires to their flock for an average of $4625.

Overall there were 22 registered buyers at the sale including six new buyers.

"I wish all our buyers every success with the rams they have purchased and welcome feedback on the rams to continually improve the genetics to meet client needs," Mr Diprose said.

The sale was conducted by Elders Young with Aaron Seaman of Elders once again holding the gavel.

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