Dorper studs sell to $11,000 at Peak Hill

Dorpers head to four states after a top of $11,000 was achieved at Peak Hill

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The $11,000 priced ram Kaya 200592 is heading to Olsen Park Dorpers, Victoria.

The $11,000 priced ram Kaya 200592 is heading to Olsen Park Dorpers, Victoria.


Five studs sell to a top of $11,000 and $2375 average at Peak Hill's annual Dorper sale

Top priced White Dorper ram Kaya White 200482 sold for $8000.

Top priced White Dorper ram Kaya White 200482 sold for $8000.

RUNNING for not only the stud scene but also the commercially minded, the recent annual Peak Hill Dorper sale saw good buying and good interest in the rams and ewes on offer.

The three studs, Kaya, Prieska and Bulmar Dorpers and Ultra Whites were joined by two guest vendors, Matchless Dorpers and Youlden Dorpers.

With a great support both at the showground and using the AuctionsPlus platform, there was an overall clearance of 181 of the 189 head offered with a top of $11,000 and a combined average of $2375, sheep went to four states.

In the breakdown there were 58 Dorper rams of the 66 sold with Kaya selling all 29 rams, Bulmar all 10, Prieska 17 of their offering of 25 and Youlden sold their single ram. In this section a top of $11,000 and average of $2834.

An offering of 64 White Dorper and Bulmar White rams were all taken home with Matchless selling all eight of their offering, Kaya Whites selling all 25, Youlden completed a 100 percent clearance of their nine and Bulmar Whites sold their entire offering of 22.

A top of $8000 for the White Dorpers and the Bulmar Whites topped at $10,500 . Averages were $2510 for the White Dorpers and $3818 for the Bulmar Whites.

Dorper ewes saw 45 of the 46 offered sold with Kaya selling 21 of 22 and Prieska all 23 of their draft. A top price of $2200 and averaged $1257.

The 13 White Dorper ewes offered by the Western Australian stud, Kaya all cleared for a top of $2300 and averaged $1192.

Top of the sale, Kaya 200592, a type five May 2020 drop, 106 kilogram son of Kaya Nkosi 180925, with measurements in Lean meat yield (LMY) and Self replacing carcase index(SRC) in the top 10 percentile of the shedding breeds was purchased by Olsen Park Dorpers, Koondrook, Victoria.

The top priced White Dorper ram at $8,000 was the type five, 96 kilogram Kaya White 200482, a June 2020 drop Nomuula Apollo 160033 son with figures of LMY and Intramuscular fat (IMF) in the top 30 percent and Shear force test(SF5) in the top 10 percent. He sold to Belowrie White Dorpers, Dubbo.

Bulmar Ultra Whites ram Bulmar 200228, a replacement ram sired by Hillcroft 7892 was the top price Ultra White at $10,500. The Bulmar Whites averaged at $3818. He was purchased by the Kelly family, Crooked Corner.

In the ewe draft, Prieska 200059, a 66 kilogram scanned in-lamb, twin daughter of Prieska 170774 topped the Dorper run with a price of $2200. She was purchased by Tetaan Henning, Wagga in a draft of 22 ewes for an average of $1283, clearly the volume buyer of the day.

White Dorper ewe, Kaya White 200497, a single born who holds top 30 percent figures in Dressing percentage(Dress) and Shear force test(SF5) was sired by Kaya White 180749.

Kaya Dorpers stud principle Adrien Vetch thought the sale was very good.

"Because the market is so good over there in the east, I try to truck enough stock over to make sure there are plenty of rams on offer," he said.

"The aim of this sale is to give the big commercial operators a chance to buy the high quality stud rams.

"Our big push is for our top three criteria, growth rate, number of lambs weaned and positive fat to help them do well in the hard times, we want rams who survive and hold up. Our White Dorpers stand up with eating quality."

Bulmar Whites stud co-principal Bully Malherbe was blown away with his sale draft.

"It was a good solid sale with the main focus for us is that everyone can show up and leave with a ram." He said.

The sale was conducted by Elders Stud stock with Lincoln McKinlay controlling the bids.


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