Maitland weaner heifers hit $2050

Maitland weaner heifers hit $2050


In an unusual trend, the weaner heifers sold for more than weaner steers.


WEANER heifers sold to a top of $2050 a head during the Maitland store cattle sale last Saturday. In an unusual trend, the weaner heifers sold for more than weaner steers which topped at $2000.

Bowe and Lidbury agent Michael Easey said it was a mixed quality yarding of 650 cattle.

"The market trend was overall firm to $50 or $80 stronger in places," he said.

Weaner steers were about $30 dearer and ranged from $1250 to $2000. Mr Easey said they averaged $1625.

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The weaner heifers were in demand and sold from $1170 to $2050 and averaged $1490. The weaner heifer price trend was firm, but did improved about $10 in places.

Yearling steers sold from $1750 to $2225 and averaged $1900 to be $25 dearer. There were only 20 grown steers offered and they sold from $2000 to $2300.

A small offering of unjoined heifers ranged from $1800 to $2100 and averaged $2100. Pregnancy-tested-in-calf heifers topped at $2600 and averaged $2200, while PTIC cows sold for $1900 to $2650.

Four- to eight-year-old unjoined cows sold from $1600 to $2200, while cows with calves sold for $2000 to $3550.

Graeme Chevalley, Glenroy, sold Angus weaner steers for a top of $1875 and average of $1827 to Glen Liam Farm, Clarence Town.

WA and P Manton sold lightweight Angus weaner steers for $1450 (979c/kg) and weaner heifers for $1350.

Scott and Yvette Ryan, Luskintyre, sold a good line of Angus steers for $2175.

The sale was conducted by Bowe and Lidbury, Maitland.

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