Inverell races see crowds flock despite threatening storm clouds

Inverell races see crowds flock for the Bush Battler's Cups and the Diggers Cup


The rain slightly pushed back race five, as the deluge hit and lightening filled the sky, however the show went on without any further delays.


The show went on on Saturday despite storm clouds threatening the masses of people who'd flocked to Inverell races on Saturday.

Relive all the fun here with the gallery of photos from the fantastic day out as captured by ACM's The Inverell Times.

Lightening filled the sky as races one to four ran, and while race five was slightly delayed with a quick but forceful downpour, the remainder of the races ran on time.


It was as if COVID-19 was a mere memory, with children taking advantage of the rock-climbing wall and making fun out of puddles - even taking to having an impromptu mud-slide competition.

And the Fashion's on the Field judges had plenty of frocks and jocks to choose from, the tight competition particularly keeping them on their toes for the women's section.

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