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Here's Australia's most comprehensive online ag image library for rural marketing

Photo by Alice Mabin.

Renowned rural photographer Alice Mabin is transforming the way Aussie agribusinesses use quality visual content with the launch of Australia's first ever Agricultural Image and Video Library.

For eight years, award-winning photographer, author and keynote speaker, Alice Mabin has been inspiring positive action, reconnecting people to the outback way of life and celebrating the essence of Australian agriculture through the power of storytelling.

Her books The Drover, The Driver and The Growers Series are iconic.

Now Alice is helping Aussie businesses and global markets showcase the progressive nature of Australian farming with the launch of the Australian Agricultural Visual Media Platform.

Power of storytelling: Alice with her books that celebrate the essence of Australian agriculture.

This Australian-first platform boasts an impressive, ever-growing collection of photographs and video reels showcasing all aspects of agriculture. Through one of five membership options, Agribusinesses can have access to more than 25,000 photos and videos to tell fair-dinkum Australian ag stories and invigorate their marketing collateral.

"Visual media is powerful," said Alice. "Not only does it connect and engage more deeply than the written word, but it allows us to share information about things as they really are, and this helps to bring meaningful experiences to other people."

Portraying the real ag industry

In creating the platform, Alice is not only dedicated to delivering an innovative new system of accessing and using quality Australian agricultural visual content but ensuring that the people who need it most, can easily access royalty-free resources that portray the realities of what they, and their customers do.

"Agriculture is the beating heart of regional and rural Australia," Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said. "It is our farmers and agricultural producers who keep our nation growing, supplying the food that feeds Aussie families while ensuring the products Australia produces best can be sold to and enjoyed by people living beyond our shores.

"Farmers are among Australia's many unsung heroes, and their stories are as powerful as they are varied. From the unbridled joy of a bumper crop season to the devastation of bushfires, floods and drought - Alice Mabin has been capturing and sharing stories from the land for almost a decade. The Australian Agricultural Visual Media Platform is her latest contribution to this important part of Australian life and will ensure our farmers and their vital contribution to our nation can continue to be shared and celebrated."

Photo by Alice Mabin.

According to Alice, the usability of the resource is just as important to the platform's success as storytelling. Her design team continues to hone the targeted keyword search function, to make sure members can easily find the very specific content they need.

Search by state, livestock type, breed, machinery brand, crop type, farming operation, you name it, if it's there, the search engine will find it, and if it's not, the Premium and Platinum membership options give customers the chance to partner with Alice to produce a customised compilation to add to the library or an exclusive collection of images and videos with full ownership rights.

"Generosity is a hallmark of our rural communities, so offering lifetime use of all downloaded assets and the opportunity to create exclusive content, was a real no-brainer," said Alice.

Farmer, and business leader John Nicoletti sees a real synergy in the new initiative that speaks to our sectors' mutual dedication to elevating the profile of Australian agriculture.

"This is a resource that all tiers of the ag industry will truly value," he said. "Not only does it make the production of quality content easy and fast, but it also gives every single business owner, be that a farmer or a service provider, the opportunity to contribute to the story of Australia's agricultural production and that is the win/win our country and our farmers deserve."

Photo by Alice Mabin.

Alice maintains that the quality and uniqueness of the visual representations we share are so important to the long-term prosperity of the agriculture industries.

"The future of Ag is not just around production efficiency and on-farm technologies, it's about innovation across the board. The platform raises the standards in the agricultural narrative and the reason it is so successful is my stand-alone approach to resource gathering."

Authentic and sincere

Former Landmark CEO, Tommy Warner, maintains that Alice's ability to capture images that portray what our farmers actually 'feel' results from her ability to form genuine connections far beyond any run-of-the-mill working relationship.

"I've seen hardworking, stoic farmers trust Alice to go to the heart of their operations, and trust her with all the vulnerabilities, strengths and difficulties of their real-life, time and time again," he said.

Here's Australia's most comprehensive online ag image library for rural marketing

"If you ask me, the reason Alice's resource helps agribusiness optimise their visual content is her ability to showcase the realism and sentiment of individuals and communities, in an authentic and sincere way."

Alice said she has dedicated her life to celebrating the diversity of Australian agriculture through high-quality imagery and videos so the people who keep our country running are recognised for their efforts, and the next generation are inspired to consider a career in ag.

"It fills my cup to see this new platform acknowledge farmers and provide inspirational marketing material to our rural sector," she said.

View the Australian Agricultural Image and Video Library here. For more information, please contact Alice Mabin on 0499 559 399.

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