Big Colac weaner yarding kicks off with a punch

Colac weaner steers top at $2540, heifers at $2360


This first run of steer weaners kicked off at between $2540 and $2400 and by the end of the day only a couple of pens of steers made under $2000.


A very good solid sale was the general feeling from vendors, agents and buyers at the Birregurra Premier steer weaner and female sale at Colac Wednesday.

Colac Associated agents penned a capacity yarding of just over 3000 head presented to a buying group from a wide area.

This first run of steer weaners kicked off at between $2540 and $2400 and by the end of the day only a couple of pens of steers made under $2000.

Many vendors were rejoicing a lift in prices of $500 to $700 a head on the previous year.

Top steer price of the day was $2540 for two separate lines the first was a pen of 13 account RF & LM Kemp, that weighed 423kg, or 600c/kg.

Kemps also sold 10 heifers, 355kg, for $2140 or 602c/kg.

The other pen at $2540 or 604c/kg, was a pen of 13 sold by Wardor that weighed 405kg. The same vendor sold 17 at 323kg for $2230 or 690c/kg and 22 at 358kg for $2430 or 678c/kg.

Charles Stewart Dove director and auctioneer, Shelby Howard, said the cattle presented in forward condition highlighted by a "magnificent line of black weaners".

"It was one of the best line-ups I have seen at Colac and was a credit to the vendors," he said.


He said after a good season and widespread buyer support made for a good result.

He said the higher number drew an extra crowd as well as a lot of local support.

The heavy end of the steers sold consistently from 620 to 640c/kg with the very best a touch over that while as weights eased there was plenty making 700c/kg plus.

"There was heavy demand for smaller cattle at $2000 to $2200, everyone's money was in that category," Mr Howard said.

Nutrien auctioneer, Phil Douglas, said the having it on one day worked to get buyers from the north in particular.

The cattle penned up well and presented and recovered very well after a wet winter, he said.

"It was a good solid sale," he said.

There was also support from Gippsland to compete with a very strong local buying gallery.

Mr Douglas said heifer sold well with some going back to the paddock.

Charles Stewart auctioneer Jamie McConachy, said the sale was "very, very good" and vendors would be happy with the day.

He said it hung on through the sale with only a couple of pens under $2000.

"We are ecstatic with the results following on from two years of increasing values," he said.

Regular providers of top drafts of weaners Mark and Leah Jacob, South Dreeite, sold steers to $2510 at 388kg or 648c/kg for 49 and $2400 for 66 at 347kg or 691c/kg. Their heifers sold to $2150 or 649c/kg at 331kg.

H & JF Harris sold a pen of 17 steers, 403kg, that made $2530 or 627c/kg. Their heifer portion sold to $2200 or 589c/kg for 10 at 373kg. A second draft of 21 at 325kg sold for $2120 or 652c/kg.

JH Smith & Sons, Beeac, sold 70 steers and heifers with the steer portion topped by a pen of 11 weighing 405kg that made $2520 or 622c/kg. The top heifers was a pen of nine, 384kg, selling for $2310 or 601c/kg.

Presented with the Victorian Region Charolais Society award for best pen of 17 Charolais were Heather and Brian Meade, Barwon Downs, with a pen of Charolais steers, 372kg, that made $2530 or 680c/kg.

A Howard sold a draft that included 14 steers, 405kg, for $2510 or 619c/kg and 20 at $2470 or 691c/kg,

Selling account Lariggan was a pen of 17 steers, 397kg making $2480 or 624c/kg, as well as 13 at 382kg for $2400 or 628c/kg and 16 at 367kg for $2410 or 656c/kg.

C & L Castaldo sold 25 steers, 379kg, that made $2490 or 656c/kg,

Nineteen Hereford steers account Moonmoote weighed 375kg and sold for $2310 or 616c/kg and 24 at 342kg for $2240 or 654c/kg. The heifer portion sold to $1860 for 17 at 316kg or 588c/kg.

Tops of the heifers was a pen of 24 account J & D Osbourne, that weighed 355kg and made $2360 or 664c/kg. The steer portion of the same draft topped at $2510 for 23 weighing 388kg or 646c/kg.

The Pines Farming sold a pen of nine heifers, 391kg for $2240 or 572c/kg.

Heifers account Stoneleigh sold to $2200 for nine weighing 362kg, or 607c/kg.


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