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Agriflex offers solution to fertiliser woes

Robert Mencel was appointed Managing Director of Centrex in April 2021 and is the former chief executive of the RONPHOS Corporation, the Republic of Nauru's Phosphate company.

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Soaring fertiliser prices brought on by supply chain disruptions have become a major concern to farmers right across Australia but Agriflex Pty Ltd believes it has a solution for many farmers with its offer of finely crushed phosphate rock which can be applied directly to crops and pastures.

Agriflex Pty Ltd is wholly owned by Centrex (ASX:CXM) and has recently begun mining at its Ardmore Phosphate Rock Project, just south of Mt. Isa. The project has been several years in the making and is now operational at what Agriflex agronomist Walter van Leeuwen believes is a very fortuitous time for the agricultural sector.

"There is a lot of concern in the market, and rightfully so, but we want farmers to know that we have an effective and affordable soil nutrition solution in the form of direct application phosphate rock and we can deliver direct to any farm in Australia," explained Mr van Leeuwen.

"Finely crushed phosphate rock ( 4mm) is a slow-release organic fertiliser that consistently adds Phosphate to the soil profile and is a very cost-effective way to augment crop nutrition.

"Many farmers are unfamiliar with Direct Application Phosphate Rock (DAPR) but we encourage them to talk to us about its fantastic benefits," added Mr. van Leeuwen.

The quality of Agriflex's phosphate rock is very high and offers a long-term source of slow-release Phosphate that may assist to strengthen biotic microbial activity and release additional tied-up nutrients.

DAPR is better suited to high rainfall areas or irrigated crops with acidic soils (pH6-6.5). It can be applied in conjunction with Single Superphosphate and other fertilisers to provide combined immediate and long-term benefits.

Agriflex has mined an initial batch of 25,000 tons of phosphate rock which has been crushed and processed, ready for delivery to farms.

Agriflex offers solution to fertiliser woes

Most of the phosphate rock to be mined at Ardmore will be for the commercial fertiliser production industry and the company is in advanced discussions with a number of potential fertiliser customers and has already negotiated first right for offtake agreements for 50 per cent of production for the first three years of the project life.

Late last year Centrex announced the introduction of Agriflex Pty Ltd as the market-facing brand behind the Ardmore Phosphate Rock Project as it transitions from a traditional exploration and mining to a contemporary resource company driven by the highest standards of environmental, social, and corporate governance principles.

Robert Mencel was appointed Managing Director of Centrex in April 2021 and is the former chief executive of the RONPHOS Corporation, the Republic of Nauru's Phosphate company.

"Centrex has attracted an experienced team of managers and operators to take the Ardmore project forward. Most have previously worked in the phosphate industry and know how to mine, process, ship and sell the product," explained Mr Mencel.

"Our demonstration plant has the capacity to produce 240,000 tonnes of product per annum. It is the precursor to a larger 800,000 tonnes per annum plant."

"There is demand for low cadmium phosphate for a range of applications, but our focus is on the fertiliser market, especially as the current market is conducive to delivering significant value for our shareholders," added Mr. Mencel.

"We are committed to positioning Agriflex Pty Ltd as a leader in the agricultural sector providing an ever-growing range of phosphorus products."

Farmers are invited to contact Agriflex agronomist Walter van Leeuwen to discuss direct application phosphate rock at