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Kate McBride: Passionate advocate for the agriculture industry

Raising awareness: Kate McBride at work at Tolarno Station.

This is branded content for Meat & Livestock Australia.

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is helping to create a network of industry champions who have the skills, knowledge and confidence to engage with the community and share the red meat industry's positive stories in authentic ways.

Meet Kate McBride, a producer and student who is connecting with her community to engage in positive, productive conversations about red meat. Regardless of whether we are producers, lot feeders, chefs, butchers, retailers or something else in our great industry, we can all play our part in sharing the great story of Australian red meat.

Can you tell us about yourself Kate?

I'm a fifth-generation producer from 'Tolarno Station', a 202,000ha sheep station in western NSW. We run 10,000 Merinos and harvest wild goats. I'm currently pursuing a Masters in Global Food and Agribusiness. I'm also involved in the industry as the youngest ever board member for Western Local Land Services and participated in the MLA-supported Livestock Leaders course in 2020.

Why is it important to share your story?

Farming can be tough and isolating, so sharing our experiences brings us together. Being colleagues and not competitors will help us improve our industry.

Also, we need to bridge the gap between our industry and people outside, so they know where their food comes from.

What information do you share?

I demonstrate our care for country and animals to debunk myths about producers not caring.

It's also about city people understanding the hardships producers face - 18 months of fires, drought, floods, mouse plagues and COVID have taken their toll and it's important we raise awareness.

People in cities want to engage with us so I make it simple and showcase our way of life.

How are you sharing your story?

I use social media, podcasts, radio and newspaper interviews and TV appearances like when I was a guest on the ABC's Q&A program.

I have a platform to speak on behalf of the industry about things I care about which is producers and rural communities.

What impact have you seen?

I use social media really positively, I don't bombard people with facts or confronting pictures, I simply show them the incredible life I live out bush.

People in cities want to engage with us so I make it simple and showcase our way of life.

What have you learned along the way?

People love authenticity, which is why it's so important to be yourself on social media.

Any other tips?

Social media opens you up to harassment unfortunately. Call out bad behaviour and use the block button.

Connect with Kate on Instagram - @kate_mcbride

For more information, head to to read the special edition of Feedback magazine filled with case studies from red meat ambassadors, resources on nutrition, fake meat, environment and integrity, and to get access to a free social media toolbox.

This is branded content for Meat & Livestock Australia.